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Local UPS store stops pot shipment

VAIL – To the latest guy who tried to ship dope from a UPS store, Brown won’t be shipping your green.

Vail Police office Kevin Luse got the call from a local UPS store reporting that yet another customer had tried to ship marijuana. This enterprising ganjapreneur was trying to ship his dope from the local store to his address in California, Luse said.

This package was about three ounces of pot – about two plastic sandwich bags – stuffed into a box the shipper insisted contained two pairs of socks and a hat.

The deal is that shipping companies, like UPS, are allowed to open a package if they think the individual sending it might be lying about the contents.

They’ll find marijuana candy or other edibles, or like this guy someone will try to send plain old pot.

“The UPS stores do a good job dissuading these people. There’s a sign behind the counter advising not to try sending illegal substances,” Luse said.

But some folks try it anyway.

We called around to some Vail Valley UPS stores and learned that almost everyone trying to ship dope claims their package contains clothes. They come into the store acting nervous, and that’s one tip-off.

You also have to show a valid identification to ship something. Local UPS stores report people usually slap their pockets and claim they forgot their ID. They don’t come back.

Another tip-off is that package with dope in it smells like dope.

“You can smell it sometimes. They’ll say it’s a pair of ski socks and a hat, but it’s obviously not,” Luse said.

At the end of the ski season, hats and socks emit a certain odor that’s nothing like dope.

Sometimes people try to send a tiny bit, sometimes a lot, say UPS crews. Most shipments go to the Midwest. The UPS staffers were a little confused about why people would try to ship marijuana to California, since it’s practically legal there, the same as it is in Colorado – but they do.

Someone once tried to ship three pounds.

Some people try harder than others, like the guy who packed his dope in coffee, an old smuggler’s trick.

It smelled like coffee and dope, said the UPS crew.

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