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Localized what’s Hip and Trendy and new (what’s next and cool)

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There are those who will tell you that being cool, or hip, (or as those in the Y-generation say, fly or dope) just kind of happens.But that’s just what they want you to think.Fact of the matter is, all those people who are cool, hip, fly, or dope, actually have to work to keep up with all the new music, hot nightclubs, popular books, ski accessories, on- and off-mountain fashions, fun new cocktails, trendy hairstyles and new gadgets out there in the cool/hip./fly/dope world.And since we know that not everybody has the time to keep up with every new hairstyle that’s hit Hollywood, or every new snowboard that’s hit the terrain park, we’ve compiled it all together here to help make everyone just a little bit cooler as 2004 gets under way.So here’s an overview of what’s hot and what’s not in the New Year.The HillThe first thing you’ve got to do in 2004 is to hit the hill. But just being part of the masses on your trusty-old 1984 lan straight skis, or busting out that neon-orange one-piece ski suit won’t make you one of the hipsters of the mountain.To avoid being the butt of jokes like &quotwhere do you put the batteries in that thing,&quot or &quothey, bubble head, where’d you get that helmet,&quot you may want to check out some of the following ski wear ready for 2004.Soft shells, which offer insulation and wind protection without the bulk of traditional jackets, have been popular for a couple seasons now, according to Jacob Wells at Avon’s Bag ‘n Pack.And telemark skis have continued to explode in popularity. More and more locals are trying out the oldest new sport on snow but it’s a humbling experience. Basically imagine doing lunges all day, with no heel support, cruising down a mountainside in the meantime.But once you’re there, freeheelers say it’s a lot like surfing, and brings you a lot closer to feeling every change in the terrain.In 2004 more telemarkers will be riding twin-tip teli’s like the new &quotHippie Stixs&quot and the upgraded 2004 &quotPiste Pipe,&quot twin-tip powder skis from K2.And we can’t forget the knuckle-draggers. The key to looking cool on a snowboard, of course, is pulling a switch front side 270 to board side, board slide to back side, 180 off.Yeah, whatever.If the previous trick description left you scratching your clean-cut head, then you may want to pick up a few snowboarding terms, because sounding cool is just as important as looking cool. So remember this: “Butter” means a nose and tail slides done on a snowboard. “Sick” is a good thing: a complement for a trick well done. And someone yelling &quotholla at me&quot off the lift means they want you to call ’em up later.Nightclubs/restaurantsAfter that sick day on the hill (better than saying &quotthe mountain,&quot Vail or Beaver Creek) it’s time to take off that low-profile, lightweight helmet and hit aprs.But, &quotwhere do I go in 2004&quot you ask. These new spots, ready for business in the new year, should keep your drink on and tummy full in ’04. The Platzl: Commonly a local favorite for getting started early or finishing up late night, the Platzl is now hosting live, not-so-cheesy aprs music on Friday afternoons with Tommy Boyd on the mic and legendary Mo’s Barbecue sandwiches from the kitchen. Hypnotyks: Formerly the Bridge and before that, Nick’s, this underground, martini drinking haven (a big upgrade since the frat-house stink of old beer and shot guzzling Nick’s days) will continue to thump with popular local DJs like Sonic and Twist spinning through the winter. And the bonus is that all the girls took over for the new year. Just around the corner, at the beginning of Bridge Street across from Pazzo’s you’ll find Bogart’s Bar & Bistro serving up killer duck quesadillas along with DJ nights ranging from hip hop and disco to house and down-tempo lounge seven nights a week. Bogart’s is run by a former Kaltenberg Castle manager, who knows how to bring great music and food to people who don’t want to pay inflated tourist prices. The DJ lineup is overseen in part by longtime Vail DJ Hal Coleman so the beats should always be hot. For something more substantial to eat in 2004, be sure to bring the whole family into Tom’s Turkey Farm. Located in Lionshead, the Turkey Farm is a local caterer’s vision come true. Great food, including Tom’s famous deep fried Cajun turkey, at affordable prices right here in Vail. Down valley, the RiverHouse, formerly Zino Ristorante, is doing a jam packed business nightly. Featuring fresh world cuisine including a killer Tuna Tartar, Asian spring rolls and entres like the Hong Kong Salmon and a classic, satisfying Rib Eye steak, a trip down the hill is worth it. Upstairs in the lounge local bartender Tim Lewis, will mix you up one of his trademark bloody Marys, martinis that are made with vodka infused with tropical fruits and berries or his wintertini. According to Lewis, cocktails are cooler than ever in 2004 as the micro-brew craze chills till next summer.ClothesBesides doing the hottest new version of snow sliding, with groundbreaking new skis, off-hill fashion is also high on the list of staying in-style in the new year. Patti at Vail’s Roxy gave us a quick run down on what is popular, apparel wise, with adults in ’04. Her legendary Vail boutique is selling a ton of denim, Stars T-shirts, and very feminine skirts and lots of pink colors.The brands Roots, Ugg boots and the Ella Moss line, featured on the Sex in the City series, is also huge in Vail this winter. For teens and young adults a trip down-valley to the just-opened Blitz maybe just what your wardrobe needs. Featuring hot lines from Diesel and babyphat to Bubblegum USA and Paul Frank, the new store shows that younger Vail Valley locals and visitors know how to stay in style even outside the city.Accessorizing and hairWhile wearing anything Roxy, the hottest Bettys on snowboards this season are sporting Velvet Eyewear, while Oakley goggles with fire lenses are extremely popular with both sexes.When it’s warm enough to go without a hoodie, helmet or hat, Claire Sox, from Edwards-based Barber’s Den, has some advice on hairstyles for the guys in the new year. According to Claire, buzz cuts are back, while the Caesar look – spiked in front and flat on top is still in. Spiky all over and the bed head thing are definitely in style as well. One thing is for sure she says: bowl cuts are out of style.Let’s hope, for the sake of mankind that they’re out forever.New Year, New GadgetsBesides pulling-off new tricks and knowing the right lingo, there are a few gadgets now available at Bag ‘n Pack that are hot in the new year. Zooming in with Nikon’s new digital binoculars has never been as rewarding, as a good view is now captured with a built-in digital camera.Hot new watches by Suuntu, make a day on the slopes or in the back country a high tech adventure. The 2004 watches can not only measure altitude, distance, vertical feet traveled, skier speed and laps done but can now link to a computer and GPS mapping system to help you navigate point to point accurately anywhere on the planet.And just in case your GPS fails you a couple extra days in the back country won’t be so bad with the clean water you’ll drink using your new ultraviolet water filtration system. No more pumping for 20 minutes, as this baby cleans up your water in 40 seconds using no chemicals or traditional filtration.Hot HousingAfter a couple cocktails and the meeting of that special someone, &quotIt’s Miller Time.&quot We’re not talking the &quotChampagne of Beers&quot here. We’re talking about Miller Ranch a place where more than 100 residents have found affordable housing in a high-priced Vail Valley real estate world.LuAnn Welch VP of Sales and Marketing for ASW Reality Partners told us that this is the, “first time ever locals can afford to buy something of this caliber in Edwards.&quot From condos in the $100s and single family homes in the mid-$200s it’s tough to find a better deal on living quarters in the valley.&quotOur goal to keep them affordable even though demand is booming,&quot Welch says.New stuff for the new houseOnce you have that new Miller Ranch home it might be time to furnish that puppy with all the money you saved. In Avon, Pier 1 Imports has taken over the old Wal-Mart building with their wide selection of eclectic home furnishings. Down in Edwards, Paul Cathers, of Foreign Accents, saw the need for classic, timeless interiors and decided to open shop in the brand-new Edwards Corner Marketplace.&quotWe want to be unique to the market,&quot Cathers says, &quotwith a goal of seeing family and friends enjoying life.&quot He’s traveled Europe and Asia to fill the 3,200 square foot space with the rugs of Turkey, interiors of Europe and funky Far East accouterments for a Vail market.The new strip mall also features a wild game importer, Nine West Shoes and a chop house created by Sato Japanese restaurant. They join Juniper, RiverHouse and Mustang Grill making Edwards a hotter than ever 2004 dining destination.Eating in the New YearIf eating in is your idea of eating right, then 2004 offers two newer ways to buy organic healthy supplies in the New Year. It seems the popularity of organic foods is continuing to boom in Eagle County. Freshies, located in Edwards, is packed with all organic produce, fresh, healthy vegan and vegetarian-friendly made-to-order sandwiches and meats and fish that are raised in the wild and not fed unnatural food and hormones.&quotThings continue to pick up,&quot the Freshies manager says, &quotpeople are becoming more educated about eating healthy.&quotEven our corporate, big-box neighbor, the Wal-Mart Super Center, located in Avon, is getting in on the organic game. Featuring a newly-expanded four-foot organic section, Wal Mart now sells broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, oranges, lemons and celery which are all organic. According to produce manager Sean Jubar, people in the Vail Valley seem to be more health conscious than those in other places and are demanding more organics. Plus, he promises lower prices than his competitors at the other local supermarkets.$3,000 books and $21 favoritesOnce all else is taken care of the reading of a good book may be in order. The folks at Vail’s Verbatim Booksellers and Edwards’ Book Worm tells us that The DaVinci Code is all the rage these days, picking up sales from all kinds of different readers. Another big hit is &quotFive People you meet in Heaven&quot by &quotTuesdays With Morrie&quot author Mich Albom, and “The Girl with a Pearl and Ink Heart” is catching the attention young adults.There’s another big item out there although it’s not on the bookstore shelves. Verbatim’s Robert Likens reports that he’s sold one of on 950 copies of a book called “Antarctica”, which sells for a whopping $3,000. The hand-crafted, leather volume written and photographed by Pat and Rosemarie Keoutch has won a slew of awards for it’s stunning photography of the land way, way down under. It also comes with a cherry (or mahogany) book stand for a mere $1,500.If $3,000 collector books aren’t your cup of tea, then perhaps a cup of tea with an old favorite Alice in Wonderland will quench your child’s thirst for an inviting, captivating pop-up book. Aikens says the kids have loved peering into the glass display case which houses the book in his new Vail Village store.And of course, Dick Hauserman’s “Inventors of Vail” and “Vail, Triumph of A Dream” by Pete Seibert are also popular selections. By Erik Vienneau

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