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Locals back to the slopes

Veronica Whitney
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyLocal Sara McClure celebrates the end of season pass holiday restrictions on Vail Mountain by going to one of her favorite spots and getting a few deep powder runs in Sunday.

VAIL – Local skiers and snowboarders are spoiled. Many, including Bill Davidson, say they’d rather not be on the mountain when the Christmas and New Year’s crowd arrives in the valley.Unless it’s a powder day, like last Thursday.”Now I’m happy. I was still happy last week, too. (Not skiing) didn’t bother me, though it would have been good to be out on the powder day,” said Davidson, 27, of Edwards. “I worked that day and I looked out the window and I was sad.”Still, on Sunday when the passes’ restrictions were lifted after six days, Davidson managed to find some leftover powder from Wednesday’s snowstorm, which brought more than a foot of snow to Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek.Mats Anderson, 45, of East Vail, said he was as excited as his two children to be back on the mountain after the restrictions. “It feels great,” said Anderson, who was back on his telemark skis Sunday with children Finn, 4, and Linnea, 7. “I’ve been standing on my feet 14 hours a day for the last 17 days.

“What I’ve been doing for fun? Work. It was fun and it wasn’t. It was everything,” he added. “Now, we’re heading to where the snow is good.”Though many of the holiday guests left town on Sunday, there were still lines on Chair 4 at Mid-Vail.Darren Darl, 22, of East Vail took the singles line on Chair 4 to get the most riding out of the day Sunday.”I worked at a general store all week while the passes were restricted,” Darl said. “I was disappointed when it snowed. But it feels great to be back. The snow is good and I’m enjoying it.”While his pass was restricted, Funny Zofcin, 36, of West Vail visited a friend in Twin Lakes. “I left town because Vail was too busy for me,” Zofcin said. “I’m glad not to be here when it’s so busy. Today, it’s the busiest day I’ve seen for a long time, but I can deal with that.”After working two weeks nonstop as a children’s ski instructor, Matt Borke said free skiing again “is like heaven on earth.”

“I never thought this day would come after being locked up with all those children in ski school speaking Spanish,” said Borke, 26. “It’s wonderful to be here. Now that I’m free skiing again, my knees love me again. So do my feet, so does my brain. I did a lot of snowplow during those two weeks. I’m back on my telemark skis. I’m happy.””Now I get to go everywhere where I didn’t get to go – Blue Sky Basin, Shangri-La,” he added.While he couldn’t ski the past week, C. Duncan worked about 40 hours a week and refinished wood work in one of the rooms at his Edwards home.”It’s always hard not to be skiing, but I always find things to keep me busy,” Duncan said. “I’m not that addicted to skiing. I got here at 11 a.m. and I’m planning to ski until 3 p.m.. I know where to go skiing, where the secret stashes are.”Pete Cium, 41, and Steve Girard, 38, who came to ski Sunday from Denver, said they could see a change of pace on the mountain.”I can see the difference between locals and tourists,” Girard said. “You can tell from where we were at. We were at the places where only the locals go because it’s hard to get to.””Everyone skiing today is good,” Cium added. “There isn’t a lot of confusion, everyone is moving quick. There aren’t a lot of tourists out today that are clogging up the mountain. This is a great thing.”

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