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Locals weigh in on their favorite meals around town

Sarah Mausolf,Vail, CO, Colorado
AE Paddy's hot wings KA 10-21-07

Breakfast: Burger King, AvonThe Meal: The sausage CROISSANWICH, I like that one because its not the biscuit where it gets all over you and makes a big mess.Lunch: Paddys Sports Bar & Grill, Eagle-VailThe meal: Their hot wings. I like hot, spicy stuff. The way they make them is just great for me.Dinner: Outback Steak House, AvonThe Meal: I wasnt a big fan of steak until I got married. Then my husband took me to the Outback for the first time and I didnt know what to order. I was more of a chicken person. He actually ordered that for me and its something I really like.

Breakfast: Dennys, AvonThe Meal: Eggs and pancakes, potatoes, orange juice, milk. The most important food in the day.Lunch: City MarketThe Meal: Steamed chicken. I love how they cook their chicken, the different ways they cook their chicken. Dinner: The Gashouse, EdwardsThe Meal: Steak and beer . . . I like the taste.

Breakfast: Turntable Restaurant, MinturnThe Meal: Breakfast burrito. Quality and quantity.Lunch: Shop & Hop, Eagle-VailThe Meal: I hate to say this but its cheese and crackers at Highway 6 Shop & Hop. Oscar Mayer. Milk. Its quick, convenient. No lines. I only have a half hour for lunch.Dinner: Zacca Za!, AvonThe Meal: That would be Italian meatballs and pasta, chocolate cake and cannolis. Chocolate cake is phenomenal. Cannoli is excellent.Arts & Entertainment Writer Sarah Mausolf can be reached at 748-2938 or smausolf@vaildaily.com.

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