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‘Log jams’ cause trouble on Crystal River

CARBONDALE – Several trees have fallen and blocked the Crystal River in Bogan Canyon, and White River National Forest officials want to advise boaters of the situation.

“These obstacles can be a significant hazard to kayakers, rafters and other boaters,” said Aspen/Sopris Acting District Ranger Mike Kenealy, who on Wednesday posted signs in the area warning boaters of the danger.

The upper blockage consists of two trees primarily without branches and is located downstream of a sharp left-hand turn in the river, leaving boaters little time for reaction. The second blockage is a large spruce that fell across the river. The tree has many visible limbs and can be seen by boaters from more than 100 yards upstream.

At current flows, both blockages are directly at water level, and while it is a tight squeeze, there is room for kayakers to portage around the trees.

“This section of Bogan Canyon is very steep, and the river is stretching from bank to bank,” Kenealy said. “It’s unsafe to send a saw crew into the area to remove the trees until the river subsides.”

In the meantime, Kenealy recommends that boaters assess the situation before paddling by walking above the canyon and scouting the river. Signs posted upstream of the canyon instruct boaters to do the same.

During high water, Bogan Canyon between the towns of Marble and Redstone is a popular section of the river, primarily for experienced kayakers.

“Boating is a potentially hazardous activity, and with Bogan Canyon being a

Class III or higher run, it is important for people to know their limits and to expect these types of extraordinary conditions,” Kenealy said.


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