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Logan, Jewitt pull plug on coalition

Vail’s Coalition for Progress wasn’t making much progress finding other like-minded candidates, so the two founding members of the fledgling political party have folded up their campaign tent and decided to go it alone.”The coalition was only (incumbent Vail Town Council member) Bill (Jewitt) and I,” says retired investment banker Kent Logan, “and honestly we couldn’t make any progress, so as much as our hope was that it was an idea whose time had come, evidently there’s enough skepticism by enough people that they didn’t want to get involved in the political process, and we weren’t able to expand the coalition beyond two.”The pro-business party, featuring Logan and restaurant owner Jewitt, was formed to attract two other like-minded candidates to run for the four available council seats Nov. 4.”We just ran out of names and it was getting close to Monday (Sept. 15, the day to begin picking up nominating petitions),” Logan says, adding he is now determined to go it alone.Logan says several very qualified candidates declined to join the coalition for various reasons. He says the group’s association with controversial Vail Chamber and Business Association board member and Vail Daily columnist Kaye Ferry had nothing to do with its inability to land two more candidates.”She’s one voice; a loud one, I’ll grant you that, but just one voice,” Logan says. “I think you guys (the local media) play the Kaye thing up too much.”Ferry’s boyfriend, Jewitt, says he is still running for re-election, though he has some trepidation about continuing to be the lone dissenting voice on the council.He says the current state of town government is what made some potential candidates cautious about joining the coalition.”I am concerned that perhaps the way council has dealt with problems in the past we haven’t had a vision; we have waited for things to come to us, and I don’t believe we have been as good at choosing a road and going down it as we could have,” Jewitt says, adding that such indecision leads to frustration with the process and the politicians.”And some of that pettiness tends to discourage people from running. People are just a little leery of raising their hand.”As far as his association with Ferry, he says that did not hinder the coalition.”I don’t think that happened,” he says. “I think most people are intelligent enough to separate the two.” But he did have a humorous retort to someone who called in to the anonymous Tipsline column in the Vail Daily about his relationship with Ferry.”I do want to thank the person who called me a boy toy,” he jokes. “At 55 years old, I take that as a compliment.”Ferry has in the past said she would prefer not to run for council, but would reserve her right to do so. She could not be reached for comment by press time Thursday, Sept. 11

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