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Logo bid ‘bungled,’ Eagle County commissioner says

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” Eagle County, Colorado resident Buddy Sims is a career military man. He remembers the purchasing rules there well.

“We couldn’t spend $5 without a request for proposals,” he said.

That’s one of the reasons Sims is annoyed that Eagle County spent more than $36,000 on a project to “re-brand” Eagle County. That effort included a proposed new logo and slogan, both by GoGo Creative of Austin, Texas.

As part of the controversy the logo has generated, Sims and others want to know if the county followed its own rules in asking for bids without a formal request for proposals.

The answer is a little vague. Looking at a 2006 resolution the Eagle County Commissioners passed, it appears that the resolution’s guidelines weren’t followed. The county never issued a request for proposals, nor were local companies given the opportunity to bid on the job.

On the other hand, the resolution holds recommendations, not requirements. And Eagle County Attorney Bryan Treu said it’s not always practical to go through added expense and time to request proposals or seek local bids.

“You have to have some flexibility,” Treu said. “A formal (request for proposal) process can add a month to anything you’re doing.” And, Treu said, sometimes department managers and other county officials know there aren’t local companies that can do needed work.

But two county commissioners said the flap over the logo will, in part, affect how they view future contracts for services.

Commissioner Peter Runyon said there’s no way the commissioners could review every contract for services the county signs. But, he added, the commissioners will discuss implementing a management method called “policy governance,” that will more clearly define the job duties of the county manager and department heads.

That will probably include some guidance about contracts, bidding and proposals, Runyon said.

Stavney, who just started his job as commissioner in January, said he’d expect to see some “bright lines” about what department heads can do before they’re required to ask for proposals on contracts.

“This one was clearly bungled,” Stavney said. “If, for some reason, we decided right now that we need to ‘re-brand’ the county, I’d want to be asking Vail Resorts and other players about it, and if we should re-brand in line with our region’s business and economic interests.

“It should be a public discussion,” he said.

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