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Longtime Eagle County rockers release first CD

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Dads don’t have to hang it up, they just have to adjust.

And with that, the local band Schwing Daddy launches into another of its signature songs from its first CD, “First Born.”

Schwing Daddy is four guys – three of them fathers – who managed to find each other through a lot of life its ownself, the occasional soccer field sideline and, of course, music.

Karm Trygg has been writing songs in the valley for 20 years. He’s had a few different bands, but this time the stars aligned, he said.

“The cards came up correctly,” Trygg said.

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Recorded at “First Born” Mintown Records in Minturn, one of the local recording studio’s first projects.

Trygg plays guitar, Tim Campbell is a songwriter-guitarist, Leo Spaziani plays drums and harmonica and Mark Blickenstaff plays bass.

They work the music around their families, instead of the other way around.

“I signed up to be a dad and I always wanted to be a dad,” Trygg said.

Schwing music, not swing music

And let’s be clear, Schwing Daddy plays schwing music, not swing music. Sort of the Jayhawks meet the Violent Femmes meet the Eagles. It’s acoustically driven with hard-driving guitar leads, bass and drums.

Harvey Craig, a mandolin player, was sitting in for a fundraiser they were playing when someone asked what they called themselves. Harvey looked at the guy and said, “Uh, Schwing, uh, Daddy.”

It stuck, and it’s accurate.

“It’s about being good dads and still pursuing the dream,” Trygg said.

Trygg started out playing open mic night at The Gashouse in Edwards, and spent a little time in the Roadtrippers with Tony Ginko playing at the Coyote Cafe.

Speaking of beginnings, Spaziani, the drummer, and his wife, Fran, just had their first-born on Feb. 9, Benjamin.

“We’re dads raising kids and we’re putting out records,” Campbell said.

Both are humbling.

“It’s a very humbling experience. When you ask, ‘Is there anything you can do with that?’ they have answers,” Campbell said.

They practice in Blickenstaff’s garage, like a rock band should.

“We’re all settled in here for good. Everyone is committed,” Campbell said.

They’re getting some local airplay on KZYR, Radio Free Minturn and TV 8.

Terry Armistead added some angelic background vocals to “First Born.” Keyboard player Jeff Armistead helped produce it and they’ll both be sitting in for Friday’s CD release party, along with lots of other talented friends.

Campbell is from the New York City art scene – an illustrator, creative director, singer, designer and dad.

Trygg and Campbell each have families with two kids and live in Minturn.

In about 2007, other musicians started sitting in to perform at fundraisers, and they found a sound – or their sound found them.

Spaziani has a music degree from Berklee College of Music and produces musical hopefuls in Nashville and Memphis. His music productions have been featured on the hit television show “Desperate Housewives.”

Blickenstaff is originally from San Diego with a background in nylon string finger-style guitar. When he’s not being a rock star he teaches school kids physical education.

“Our band believes first hand that you can raise beautiful kids, be a great dad, and still pursue your other dreams – like music,” Trygg said.

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