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Look! It’s ZILLA at State Bridge

Tom Boyd

Perhaps you haven’t heard of it yet but you will, especially if you’re headed to State Bridge Lodge’s opening day weekend May 7-9. It’s called dulcitronica, a strange and soothing form of music pioneered by Jamie Janover and Michael Travis (who doubles as the drummer for String Cheese Incident).After a performance from Possum Logic Saturday night, Travis and Janover will take the stage Sunday and enter into what they refer to as, “group telepathy,” a kind of communal form of electronica led by Janover’s unique electric hammer dulcimer.”One of our concepts is that less is more, and we really listen to each other and play simple things, and then repeat them,” Janover says. “One of our mantras is, ‘play like a loop.'”Much like a single DJ spinning records, the live electronica of ZILLA guides the listener through levels of music, and the band members will add and take away sounds as they move through the song.Aaron Holstein (bass and guitar) will sometimes add vocals, and Steve Bidaic adds keyboards of rare and various types. There’s certainly very little in this band that adheres to conformity even Janover’s drum-set is miniaturized and outfitted with electronic pickups to add a big, booming sound to a small instrument. But their music does have a resemblance to that of Genre, Sector 9 and the New Deals.One way or the other, it’s clear that Travis loves this band enough to take time out from his busy schedule and play along. The State Bridge show will finish up a three-gig weekend for ZILLA, and then Travis will return to life as String Cheese drummer, lining up gigs at Red Rocks and Lalapooloza. Travis and Janover have been friends and roommates since 1995, when they both moved to Boulder from disparate parts of the country.As for Hanover, he can often be seen at other festivals, like Burning Man and High Sierra, riding around in his recumbent tricycle, mounted with his mini-drum set on the front and a trailer rig full of batteries and amplifiers on the back, playing and riding around from place to place.Find out more about ZILLA at zillamusic.com or jamiejanover.com, and find out what’s going on at State Bridge Lodge at statebridgelodge.com.

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