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Looking for a peaceful way to protest

Daily Staff Writer

By Matt CraneDaily Staff WriterSusie Davis, a local political activist, volunteer and mother recently visited Fort Benning, Ga. to observe a protests against the School of the Americas. The School of the Americas is a federally funded training center for foreign militaries, primarily from South American countries. But Davis sees a more nefarious mission. Students of the school have been linked to acts of terrorism, she says. Fort Benning has been the site of regular protests demanding the cessation of federal funds and abolition of the school. While not there to actively protest, Davis wished to observe exercises in civil disobedience because they exemplify peaceful paths towards change, she says. “I believe there are peaceful ways to negotiate situations,” she says. Although she is opposed to the School of the Americas, which is connected to the U.S. Army, Davis did not participate in the protest and, she says, strongly supports the American troops fighting abroad.

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