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Looking for love in all the wrong places

Don Rogers

She had strayed far, far from home – looking for love, they said.Surely many of us can sympathize, having at least in part done the same thing coming here for winter and staying for, well, you know.Eschewing cars, she traveled hundreds of miles in her journey. Granted, it wasn’t nearly as long as Polly Letofsky’s walk around the world, now just a state away from completion. Walking for a cure for cancer, mind you, can carry one to circumnavigation.But love, true love is something to die for. No telling how far this girl would have gotten if she hadn’t apparently been struck down on I-70 west of Idaho Springs. Poor “293,” what must serve as a name for this wayward wolf sharing the same burning instinct for mate and family as we human cousins.She was from a pack of wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone in 1995. Reports of wolf or “looks like a wolf” sightings tracked her from southern Wyoming through Gore Pass before her body was found beside the interstate.The last dead wolf found in Colorado was in Conejos Valley in 1935, the Denver Post says.Praying for rainWell, enough about love. When’s it going to rain again?The snowpack is melting a full month ahead of the usual pace, the rivers are peaking, too early. The reservoirs are not all going to fill this year. Denver has imposed water restrictions. Memorial Day weekend provided enough rain to dampen fire season just a bit, thankfully. But the vegetation is back to drying toward kiln-ready for that inevitable lightning and humans with their propensity for ignition, accidental and otherwise. Last hopes rest with a heavy monsoon season.

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