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Looking for triple Worlds in 2009

Cliff Thompson

Twenty-five members of the Vail Valley delegation to the Congress for the Federation of International Skiing are in Miami trying to bring an unprecedented trio of championships to Vail and Beaver Creek in 2009.”We’re doing a full-blown lobbying effort and twisting some arms,” said John Dakin, a bid consultant for the delegation. “We’re chasing a triple bid of alpine, snowboard and freestyle.”The delegation consists of members of the Vail Valley Foundation and Vail Resorts, along with some longtime locals. The FIS will make its decision Thursday afternoon.

If the Vail Valley delegation is successful, it will bring to three the number of times the World Alpine Skiing Championships will have occurred in Vail since 1989.”We want to make sure everyone understands our philosophy in pursuing it,” Dakin said. “The FIS does not have the only game in town. There’s a lot of competition now. We want to ensure their sports stay on the cutting edge of the world stage. We need to look at some bold things.”As proposed, the trio of championships would be held over two weeks.

“We’re talking a mini-Olympic scenario,” Dakin said. “Short of an Olympics, it’s the first time anyone has proposed something of this scope and scale for the World Championships. There are some great synergies that can be created from a unified effort.”He estimated the trio of events could have double the impact on the area that the alpine skiing championships had in 1989 and 1999.The Vail Valley is the only area proposing to host simultaneous championships, Dakin said.

“What’s scary about this bid is people think this is going to be a model for the future,” he said. “That’s not what we’re saying. This is a one-time deal.”With Vail’s $1 billion renovation, Dakin said, the amount of new facilities on line by 2009 will make the bid that much stronger.”We want to convince them (FIS) that we’ve got the right idea at the right place and at the right time,” Dakin said.

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