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Looking forward to perfect summer

Cindy Ramunno

I do love winters here, but the other three are more beautiful in my eyes.

Here’s my top 10 observations that summer is well on its way:

1. Kids itching to hop on their bikes. And not just for 10 minutes – for all-night bike rides. Even if it’s chilly or windy, they’re out there on their bikes.

2. Trees are budding. It’s a nice change from the dry, brown sticks sprouting out of the ground.

3. Neighbors in their yards. Building fences, yard work or rearranging stuff. People are ready to be spending some quality time outdoors.

4. No more snow clothes for elementary kids. You know the routine. It takes longer to get it on and off then it actually takes to walk to the bus stop.

5. Spring knees. Little scrapes and cuts on kids’ (and adults’) knees from the Roller Blades, bikes, scooters and skateboards.

6. Animals shedding. Hair is in the air. Your dog or cat is losing major hair right now and it’s probably all over your house. Plus, it seems they are more thirsty – don’t forget the water!

7. Kids talking about the last day of school. How many more days left? Twenty-nine! And fewer for seniors in high school and kindergartners.

8. The store. Lawn furniture, outdoor dishes and picnic accessories grace the aisles. The hardware store and the grocery store are decorated for the upcoming months.

9. The many graduation announcements and wedding invitations you’re receiving. This is a sure sign that it’s warming up.

10. Middle and high school kids lining up summer jobs. The good ones go fast, so the earlier the better.

What do you love about summer? In this valley, it’s not too hot. It’s perfect. Here’s what I love:

1. Baseball games. From T-ball to baseball, it’s fun to watch kids you know running around the bases and catching fly balls.

2. Swim lessons and other recreation programs. Summer field trips, swim team and other programs geared toward our kids to make the summer months so fun.

3. The smell of cut grass. There is absolutely nothing that smells more like summer. And the scent is so distinct and therapeutic.

4. The amazing color of flowers throughout the valley. In every town there are sprays of color from some hard-working crew. Check out Beaver Creek for some really incredible flowers this summer.

5. The sound of sprinkler systems and lawn sprinklers. The methodic sound of water nurturing your grass and flowers is comforting.

6. Longer nights. Kids don’t have to be at school, so they are playing outside longer and taking advantage of the few warm months that we have.

7. Camping. Kids love to camp, and I am growing to like it. Even in the back yard, camping is a blast for kids.

8. Celebrations, festivals and fairs. Booths and activities and a chance to see people you never see. And lots of fun. The Fourth of July should be your new favorite holiday. It’s my wedding anniversary. God Bless America!

9. Food cooked outside. Grilling hamburgers, hotdogs and steaks and the smell from that, too.

10. Spending more time with your kids. For some of us, summer is an opportunity to wind down and do just that.

Come on summer!

Cindy Ramunno of Eagle writes a weekly column for the Daily.

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