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Loose cow rounded up in Eagle

Michael Cacioppo
Special to the Daily
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily | Michael Cacioppo

EAGLE, Colorado – “Oh my God, there’s a fricking cow in my front yard!” yelled an Eagle woman into her cell phone Friday afternoon.

The large black cow had been walking and running through the streets of Eagle like he owned the place when this reporter drove by him in disbelief.

So, after calling 911 for assistance for fear of this huge animal possibly stomping some little kid near the Eagle Town Park, I proceeded to park, get out my camera, and began chasing the cow up the street, without success. My basketball playing with the high school kids still hasn’t gotten me into the shape I need to be in to catch up to a running cow.

And suddenly, an Eagle County Sheriff’s vehicle and a town of Eagle police vehicle came up behind me, and I gave them the following instructions:

“The cow took a left on this street and then a right on the next street and is heading toward Broadway,” I said excitedly.

Then, I ran back to my car, drove over to Broadway, and found three cop cars and no cow. Eventually, I guessed right and found the cow again, with Eagle police officer Bill Lott slowly trying to herd the cow to who knows where.

So, I legally passed the officer, and shot pictures of the cow through my passenger window, and then drove in front of the cow to try to have the cow between the officer’s jeep and my now parked vehicle.

The cow then took a left turn and Officer Lott slowly and strategically followed and herded it into the fenced Forest Service compound. Lott wisely started closing the gates to trap the animal inside.

“So, what kind of police training did you get for herding cattle?” I asked jokingly.

“There is no police training for rounding up cattle,” Lott said. “You don’t get that at the academy.”

Reportedly, there were a total of three large cows moving freely from Gypsum to Eagle on Friday. One of the first reports came from Remi Velez of Corky’s Gas and Carwash on Highway 6 in West Eagle.

Customer Larry Whitesell, who owns Armour Glaize porcelain and fiberglass repairs, said, “I want the county government job for rounding up stray cattle for $70,000 a year.”

So do I!

Michael Cacioppo is the publisher of The Business Briefs Newspaper, based in Eagle County. He can be contacted at 970-280-5555 or by e-mail at info@BusinessBriefs.net or through his Web site at http://www.BusinessBriefs.net. Copyright 2010, Business Briefs Inc.

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