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Los Angeles-based indie folk duo Baywood performs in Avon Friday

Caramie Schnell
L.A.-based indie folk band Baywood is Joe Ginsberg and Jarrad Kritzstein. The two perform in Avon for the first time this evening.
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If you go ...

Who: Baywood. The band opens for The Altitones at FAC.

Where: Maya, The Westin in Avon.

When: Friday night. Baywood plays at 6 p.m. The Altitones start at 7:30 p.m.

Cost: Free.

More information: http://www.richardsandoval.com/mayabc.

AVON — When Joe Ginsberg and Jarrad Kritzstein met in 2010, they each knew they’d found a new partner in crime. And if not crime, at least in music.

“The pair were instant friends and considered the possibility of a ‘separated at birth’ hospital error as all took note that they could be in the same police line-up with their dark Jewish locks, black rimmed glasses, and extensive wardrobe of flannel shirts,” their tongue-in-cheek Facebook bio reads. “Some people say when you meet your true doppleganger, the universe explodes. Luckily, this didn’t happen. Instead Jarrad and Joe began a darling bromance and bonded over music, whiskey, girls and heartbreak.”

The two were playing in another band together, The Almighty Sound, when they decided to sit down and listen to some old recordings Kritzstein had “left unattended” for a year. Before the night was over, the pair had written and recorded their first song, “I Can Breathe Again.” Their creative chemistry was undeniable and Baywood, a Los Angeles-based indie folk band, was born. The pair have been making music together since 2011. Their latest album, “Everything We Know, All At Once,” was released in January.

“I find that the things in life that you don’t have to fight so hard for end up being some of the most fulfilling and are usually the right way to go,” Ginsberg said.

Ginsberg describes Baywood’s acoustic sound as “just fun folk music that tells a story.”

Baywood makes its Eagle County debut at FAC at Maya at The Westin in Avon Friday at 6 p.m Ginsberg answered a few questions for the Vail Daily.

Vail Daily: Your music has a happy vibe to it. Are you guys pretty happy people?

Joe Ginsberg: I suppose that yes, we are. And we certainly are goofy; we love to laugh and kid around.

VD: I read that you guys wrote and recorded “I Can Breathe Again,” the single from your EP, in one night. That’s a lot of work crammed into one evening. Tell me about the creative energy of that night and how it came together.

JG: We actually recorded that entire EP in five days. We usually write and record a song in a day. We start with an idea, work it out and write it together and then record the whole thing. “I Can Breathe Again” is the first song we wrote together. I had recorded the basis of the music about six months earlier and when Jarrad heard it, he loved it. We sat down and wrote the rest and recorded it all that night and had so much fun we wanted to do it over and over again. That’s how Baywood began.

VD: I really like your song “Gotta Get You.” It’s been getting lots of Colorado air play. Tell me what inspired that song.

JG: We wanted to write a love story about a young boy falling in love with a movie star he saw on TV. For the music we were inspired to try something different rhythmically. The start of writing it was actually more difficult than usual for us, but it ended up being our favorite song on the record. Sometimes the hard ones just turn out that way.

VD: You guys took part in the Westwood Music Showcase in Denver. How did that go? Where else have you played this summer?

JG: It was really, really hot, but a total blast. I think it got above 110 degrees while we were playing. We have both been touring with other projects most of the year so we haven’t been able to play as many Baywood shows as we would like. We have played around Southern California and Colorado, our two favorite places.

VD: Where did the name Baywood come from?

JG: (It’s) the street Jarrad used to live on where we recorded our first releases.

VD: How did you name “Everything We Know, All At Once”?

JG: The whole record is just stories we made up that depict all the things that were going on in our lives at the time. We were throwing around titles and this came out and stuck in our heads because it was everything in our world at the time. And we love long album titles.

VD: Where do you most want to play?

JG: The moon.

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