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Lose a pound, give a dollar

Carolyn Pope

BEAVER CREEK – It’s the second week of January, and those New Year’s resolutions may already have been conveniently tossed away or put on the back burner. The brie has found a resting spot just below the waist and the Godiva chocolates are an inch above that. God only knows where the eggnog and champagne have landed, but the scale doesn’t lie. It’s time to get your act together, hop on the elliptical trainer, pump some iron, and lay off the English toffee for a while.We all know you can’t lose weight for someone else – you have to do it for yourself. But, what if you could lose weight for yourself and help someone else at the same time?The buff-bodied trainers at Allegria Spa in the Park Hyatt at Beaver Creek have thought of a way to do just that. Beginning Monday, and until Feb. 28, the club will host and participate in a nationwide weight loss challenge to help members and staff lose weight. The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, along with Lifefitness equipment, created “I Lost It at the Club!” as the fitness industry’s campaign to combat inactivity and obesity, and the resulting astronomical increases in health-care costs. It is also a chance to promote to consumers that health clubs are the safest, most effective place to lose unwanted weight and keep it off.Great fitAllegria, however, added its own special twist: For each pound you drop, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund will gain a dollar. Allegria Spa has set up the plan to donate one dollar for every pound lost in eight weeks with their guidance. The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek and East West Resorts will match each of those dollars, so, it’s like losing two pounds for the price of one. As most everyone in these parts knows, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund is the organization that helps out folks who are hurting financially after suffering through medical hardships. Oh, and they put out a really cool calendar with naked people to help raise some bucks – and some eyebrows.To keep our community motivated and to achieve weight-loss success, the staff will be offering nutritional programs and seminars, weekly body composition assessments, discounted group personal training, complimentary physical therapy assessments, mental training tactics, guest speakers and other fun promotions. “I thought the program would be better incentive to commit to an exercise program and weight goals because it also serves the greater community,” said Lauren Brand, athletic director at Allegria. “Every time I ask someone if they’re going to make a resolution to get in shape, they said no. They never stick to it, why bother? “I thought this might give them something else to focus on,” she added. “Our position at Allegria is important to recognize our responsibility to the rest of the community.”She chose the Vail Valley Charitable Fund because weight gain and carrying around extra pounds could lead to health problems., she said. “If our community could lose a little weight and get in better shape, even if it’s just 10 percent of their weight, it will improve overall health, heart function, energy levels, well being, and contribute to a better feeling throughout the community,” she said. “Since Vail Valley Charitable Fund focuses on locals who are going through medical disasters, it’s a great fit for our community and goals.”Biggest loserHarald Fricker (Vail favorite Helmut’s son) is the manager of the business center at the Park Hyatt. He was one of five chosen by CNN to participate in a new show, “The New You Revolution.” Harald, an ex-ultra endurance athlete, has followed a sedentary path between family and work, and added on more than a few kilos in the process. CNN will be tracking him over this same eight-week period to see if he can restore himself to tip top shape. The show will begin airing weekly beginning Jan. 17. If you are not a member at Allegria Spa, you can join with a special eight-week membership and participate in the “I Lost It At the Club” campaign. The club will also donate 10 percent of all special membership plans to the Vail Valley Charitable Fund. If you’re good at twisting friends’ arms, they can make matching pledges for each pound you shed.Allegria is also challenging all other clubs around the valley to participate so that the Vail Valley’s “Biggest Loser” can be recognized. The Club at Allegria Spa’s mission is to be an integral resource and motivator for the creation of a happy, healthy community, Brand said. For information about “I Lost it at the Club,” call Lauren Brand at Allegria Spa at 827-6704.==========================================Rumor mill and idle gossip: After skiing Goshawk Wednesday morning, P.C. (a Beaver Creek gal) exclaimed, “My smile is saying hello, but my quads are saying good-bye!”Do you have information for High Altitude Society? Let me know. E-mail me at Vailsociety@cs.com.==========================================Vail, Colorado

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