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Lost billfold a Christmas miracle for Edwards man

Kathy Heicher/Eagle Correspondent

Some residents of the county are totally lacking in the Christmas spirit, while others seem to have it in abundance. Consider some of the cases the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office has handled during the past week:

Ho, ho dough!

Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Silva, who primarily patrols the town of Gypsum, doesn’t look a bit like Santa. Still, there’s probably at least one fellow in the county who thinks Silva acts like that jolly old elf.

Silva was recently answering a complaint about a problem with juveniles at a Gypsum convenience store when he noticed a wallet laying in the parking lot outside. Silva took a look inside, and found $1,300 in $100 bills; and a New Mexico I.D. for the apparent owner of the wallet. The deputy inquired inside the store, but nobody claimed a lost wallet. He took it with him for safekeeping.

A half hour later, Silva was summoned back to the store. The wallet’s owner, a 35-year-old Edwards man, realized it was missing, and had returned to look for it. Silva doubled-checked the man’s appearance against the photo on the I.D., and handed over the wallet.

Merry Christmas.

Lords of the movies?

A couple of drunken, rowdy patrons at the Riverwalk Movie Theatre in Edwards on Dec. 18 raised enough of a ruckus during the film to prompt the manager to pull them out of the theatre.

Once he got the two 20-year-old Eagle men into the lobby, he summoned the cops. The responding deputies questioned the pair, who admitted they had smuggled rum and vodka into the theatre. There was no doubt about that: when they went to get their coats, a liquor bottle fell out of one young man’s coat pocket.

The deputy determined the two men were too intoxicated to be sent home on their own. They indicated the friends they had come to the movies with were still in the theatre. However, those friends refused to take the pair home, indicating that watching the movie was a higher priority.

The pair of partiers ended up in protective custody at the county jail, charged with underage consumption of alcohol.

Rebellious teen

A Gypsum man summoned the cops after his 15-year-old son attacked him. The pair had apparently been arguing over the boy’s language, and over the way the boy was treating his mother.

The argument escalated, and the youth hit his stepfather in the face. The stepfather, who had just had oral surgery, suspected the boy might be purposely trying to damage his teeth. The stepfather subdued the teenager by wrestling him to the ground, but the boy got loose and ran away, throwing a potted plant through a picture window on his way out.

The window will cost about $250 to repair; and the boy could potentially be charged with criminal mischief and harassment.

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