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Lots of reason to vote this fall

As elections go, this one in November naturally falls short of the presidential. That’s too bad because there are a few important ones this year. Vail voters’ decisions about their council and conference center will have long-lasting effects. We’re talking vastly different visions in competition here. Crossroads stuff. That one building is symbolic as can be. The voters need seat just one more council candidate who believes it’s time for the new Crossroads to make it happen. The conference center is up for a new tax, too, atop what voters already approved in 2002. That’s looking like a kiss of death, especially if the new taxation includes more sales tax atop more lodging tax. The statewide referendums C and D aim to tailor TABOR into something reasonable. Otherwise it’s an untenable state deficit AND chump change refunds at the same time for the next five years. The pinch on higher education alone should be enough for the voters to use common sense and let the state keep the refunds for the next half-decade on behalf of all of us. But whoever is selling Referendum D locally best come up with better bait than spending millions upon millions making the Dowd Junction turn a little wider. Are they kidding? Who in their right mind would vote for that nonsense? Finally, there’s the bid to rewrite the county’s “constitution” with the aim of getting five commissioners. Lots of people are running for the panel to do that. Too bad the school board isn’t so sexy. They’re canceling their election for lack of interest. Vail, Colorado

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