Lottery commercial will be shot in Minturn |

Lottery commercial will be shot in Minturn

Tamara Miller
Vail Daily/Shane MacomberThe Colorado Lottery is filming their next commerical in Minturn at the Shop-n-Hop on Thursday.

They don’t mine much around Minturn anymore, but scouters for the next Colorado Lottery commercial location struck gold here anyway.Minturn just happens to be the perfect location for the next state lottery commercial. Crews were in town Wednesday night and will be in Minturn all day today in the parking lot of Shop & Hop on Main Street.”It is exciting that they picked to do it here,” said store manager Charlene Medina. “They just thought it was a cute, little mountain store.”

The new commercial’s concept is a throwback to the old Colorado mining days, and will show miners going through the hills for the gold. At the end of the commercial, the miners will come to a local convenience store – a licensed lottery ticket seller and pretty much the only place anyone can strike it rich these days, said Stephanie Houchens, account manager for Karsh + Hagans, the ad agency for the lottery. While Minturn’s mining history seems to make it a perfect fit for the ad, it really was the Shop & Hop’s rustic exterior, and the surrounding mountain beauty that made scouters select the town as a good filming location, Houchens said. The crews also are filming footage in Silverthorne for the ad. About 90 percent of the Colorado Lottery’s advertisements are shot within the state, Houchens said. “Usually, we always have positive reaction when we are in a smaller community,” Houchens said. “There’s a lot of excitement.”

The crew is expected to stay at the Minturn Inn while in town and will eat lunch at the Town Center this afternoon. JB’s Barbeque will cater the meal.The possibility of having a commercial filmed in Minturn aired statewide is exciting, Medina said. While the project may pose some inconveniences, the Shop & Hop will remain open to customers today. “We might have to bring people in through the side,” Medina said. “And it might affect things a bit when they are going to do the actual filming.”

Medina said she knew little about the commercial’s concept other than she was told there will be donkeys on the set. The commercial is slated to air Oct. 1. It’s fitting to film the commercial in the Colorado mountains, Houchens said, because the lottery proceeds are used to fund park and recreation projects, and to preserve open space.Staff Writer Tamara Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 607, or Colorado

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