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Loud and proud

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Residents in Minturn and Eagle may be grappling with different problems, but they share a similar challenge: how to handle the possibility of large, landscape-changing development while maintaining their respective small-town appeal.

The Ginn Company’s proposal to turn more than 5,000 acres of Battle Mountain hillside into a private ski and golf course resort dwarfs Trinity’s proposal to transform 100 acres of east Eagle countryside into a shopping center-private school-residential neighborhood.

But both developers are offering the towns they hope to join much-needed sales tax revenue and amenities ” even if they threaten to change the towns themselves.

So residents in Minturn and Eagle are handling the challenge the best way they can: They’re talking about it.

They’re bending the ears of their town representatives.

They are flooding the local newspapers with letters campaigning for or against the proposals.

Residents are appealing to each other, creating coalitions, or trying to convince those who disagree to see the error of their thinking.

There’s no general consensus in either case. Some believe Eagle River Station is all wrong for Eagle. Others believe the project, and its promised rewards, could be Eagle’s salvation.

The same goes for Minturn, though the opposition to the Ginn Company’s project seems to be a little quieter and less scattered than what we’re hearing from Eagle.

In either case, residents should be proud of themselves for trying to shape their town’s future by speaking out, no matter which view they take.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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