Lover’s quarrel turns ugly on Halloween in Avon |

Lover’s quarrel turns ugly on Halloween in Avon

Dustin Racioppi
Avon, CO Colorado

AVON ” Halloween 2008 just might go down as one of the worst Halloweens ever for a 62-year-old man in Avon, Colorado.

By the end of the night ” which started off with dinner and drinks at home with some friends ” he had been charged with domestic violence, third-degree assault and was under medical supervision because police thought he was suicidal.

He and his 46-year-old boyfriend invited some friends over to hang out for the night. Everything was quite enjoyable, according to the boyfriend’s account in the police report, until the group started talking about past relationships. One of the men in the group was an ex-boyfriend of the 46-year-old, and his current boyfriend became upset, then angry, then violent.

He allegedly punched his boyfriend in the face, the report said, and fled from the condo full of booze and anger. Avon police were called to try and find the man, who was driving a blue BMW, while Eagle County officers went to the condo to collect information from the group.

Police pulled over the 62-year-old, who said that he punched his boyfriend because he felt threatened by him and that the group was ganging up on him by throwing punches, but missing.

When Eagle County police showed up to interview the man, he went from loquacious to lights out.

Police said he appeared to be sleeping and had drool running out of his mouth. An ambulance was called for the man, who police said was uncooperative and unresponsive, and he was taken to Vail Valley Medical Center for monitoring because police considered him a suicide risk.

The next day he was transported to Eagle County Jail.

EDWARDS ” Somewhere between meeting his wife for dinner and taking his children trick-or-treating Friday, something went very wrong for a 28-year-old Edwards man.

The couple began arguing at dinner over his tardiness meeting the family, which led to a late start to go with the children and knocking on neighborhood doors for candy. It wasn’t until after 8 p.m. they began the candy collecting, but had trouble finding homes with lights on.

The couple of nine years continued to fight after returning home sans candy, and the police report said he threw a phone at his 26-year-old wife’s face. She deflected the phone, but the report said that in the process she inadvertently back-handed her husband. That fueled an unsettling response from him.

“I’ll put a bullet in your head,” the report said he told his wife.

She called friends and family, who then came to the family’s home to help her pack her stuff and the children to go stay with her mother.

She refused assistance from the victim’s advocate, police said.

In the meantime, the husband couldn’t be found by police, who issued a warrant for his arrest. He was summonsed with third-degree assault, domestic violence and menacing.

VAIL ” A man and his wife took a $700 walk in Vail, but didn’t anticipate the hefty cost.

The man reported to police Oct. 29 that he parked his black Toyota Prius at Booth Falls Trail on Oct. 27, then left with his wife to take a hike.

When the couple came back three hours later, they noticed a scratch that stretched bumper to bumper on the car.

Police couldn’t lift fingerprints off the car, which they said appeared as if it had been keyed.

Because there were no solid leads, police closed the case.

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