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Lowest of the low

Don Rogers

In this space today, we planned to weigh the merits of an issue or set of candidates and recommend a vote.But that was before an especially disgusting postcard hit post office boxes this week, telling outright lies about a candidate for county commissioner.How low can this go? All of Eagle County ought to feel embarrassed that someone thought this would be a good way to campaign. And outraged that one or a few more of our neighbors could even contemplate such a despicable thing.This postcard lies that Sara Fisher had an extramarital affair and “lost” money from the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s Office while leading that department. It adds a racial component by additionally lying that this affair was with a black man. How quaint in this day and age. Is that supposed to add to the shock, as if Eagle County were Georgia during Jim Crow?Funny, although that’s no doubt the wrong word in this context, but the only allegation with a grain of truth is posed as a question: “Does Sara Fisher have a drinking problem?”She acknowledged to a reporter that she once did have a drinking problem. Past tense. Whoever came up with these postcards has a much larger personal problem. Especially if prosecutors can find out who this person or group is.The cards break election laws, certainly. There’s also a fat libel suit awaiting the creeps who did this if they can be found. Here’s a big wish for that to happen.The leaders of the local Republicans and Democrats have expressed their disgust. So have Fisher’s rivals, Tom Edwards and Roger Brown. The postcards are bad for everyone. Fisher is the target, but the parties and the political process pay the price with this crap.The scummy mailers dealing with Avon Town Council candidates, as well as the countywide childhood development tax and home rule charter were bad enough.This one takes the tactic even lower.The 527-style attack ads are bad enough at the state House level and on up the partisan tree to president. That’s been par for those elections for a long time. The invasion into local politics – county level and down – is truly disheartening. The only real weapon against this filth is voters in Eagle County showing that they’ll have no part of that kind of campaigning.Sara Fisher is a high-quality person and candidate who has proven her mettle in two terms of solid public service. That’s the truth. And that, along with her views on the issues, is what’s worthy of considering in her candidacy.Vail, Colorado

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