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Colleen Norris

In Vail, where you work generally determines who your friends are. It makes sense, where you spend most of your hours will definitely generate bonds that carry over to post-work activities. It happens everywhere and I am not suggesting that it is a profound thought or a Vail-only truth, I just happen to notice it more here. Because this is such a transient town, your first job is probably going to bring you your first friends.

My first restaurant job here led me to one of Vail’s best restaurants. Lucky for me, Up the Creek also has the best wait staff and managers, making it easy for me to mesh and gain like-minded friends. Walking down Bridge Street for a post-shift drink, we often looked like a service-industry gang, our colors obviously being the formal white and black of our evening-shift uniforms. The odd thing about Vail is you can almost tell something about a person by knowing where they work. Stating where you are employed is like making a personality statement. With that in mind, I got ready for a night out with the lovely ladies of Pazzo’s. I put on a favorite shirt and, thinking of who I’d be out with, I decided to also put on my dancing shoes.

I had thoughtfully been invited to attend dinner at The Wildflower. Upon arrival I felt a little underdressed for the tea-party setting. I also felt a little young. Much to the dismay of our scowling fellow diners, we broke the stuffy adult-dinner setting with a Soco-and lime-shot toast, even before the seal of the first wine bottle was broken. By the time our dessert and bill arrived we had already gone through countless bottles of wine and who can remember how many cocktails. The staff of the restaurant put up with us and definitely stayed on top of our every dining desire, making the evening that much more enjoyable. The Pazzo’s girls lived up to their name, and despite being stuffed with delicious delicacies, they were ready for more fun … which of course led us to a favorite bar for some dancing.

We weren’t in the door for five minutes before we were on the dance floor. We were rocking out to hit songs of the past and present when powers beyond human (that must come from a heavenly juice of fermented fruit and sugar) pulled us into a circle formation. We were all moving to the magnetizing beats being thrown by the DJ. Luckily it was early in the night and not too many were blessed with a viewing of our show-offs and dance-offs. Luckily, above Art’s Bar was a live show at 8150 which guaranteed our night of dancing could be continued … perpetually.

Perpetual Groove was exactly what a crowd of evening-winos needed. The funky dance songs poured onto the crowded, infamous-bouncing floor of 8150 and allowed for our grooving to continue. Dudes were sweating and hippie chicks were swaying. I was probably doing a little of both myself and by the end of the show, I was ready for the end of the night. Thankfully, my reliable and considerate (and sober) boyfriend was there to help. After stuffing me in the trunk and legally loading up my car with friends, we made our way home, where I immediately (once I was remembered to be let out of the car) made my way to bed, dreaming of snow and the Cardinals. Hopefully, by the time this is printed, we will have gotten the predicted 18-inch snowfall bringing us closer to the looming ski season. Definitely by the time this is in print the Cardinals will have won their division and be headed to beat the Tigers in the World Series. Until then, Go Cards and Think Snow!!

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