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Lush and livingWow, this Bridget Blackwell sounds like she’s living the good life, no worries, having fun (see “Lushious living” at I really enjoy reading this article online thanks B!Mindy McGuiremmcguire@coppellisd.comDallas, TexasSome help for an interested studentTom Kirk, what a hero! I read it online (see “Tom Kirk, A story of survival” at, Jan. 20 edition).One of the photos in the article looks like a book cover. I did a search at &quotAmazon&quot and on &quotGoogle&quot and could not find a book by that title, but I’d like to try to get one for my son (Jonathan, VMI ’03) who, when in elementary and high school was very interested in the Vietnam experience.He interviewed a couple of Vietnam Vets at our church, and incorporated their experiences into a series of fictional stories he wrote for himself as a means of learning about that era of our history. While sports injuries have kept him from pursuing a military career which was his goal, he is currently in training with a local Police Department, the closest he can come to serving his country in a “military” capacity.Do you have any idea if any copies of the book are still in existence and for sale, and where I might purchase one?THANKS!!Jim Loweryjlowery@immanuelbaptist.orgRichmond, Va.Jim, we got the photos from Kirk himself, and he hasn’t mentioned any book or books where the photo was used. We’ll keep our ear to the rail and let you know if we hear anything.– TBTips for TAPSElizabeth has a nice way of getting to the real heart of an issue and clarifying it without negatively placing blame anywhere (see “How the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ can result in no teacher left standing” at, Jan. 20 edition). She is very insightful. The teachers in Eagle County have a champion with her.Karen Zadkoviczadkovic@aol.comGreeley, Colo.Boyd is in love with Axl Rose”In Utero,” was a much better album than “Nevermind,” and calling it “one of the lousiest albums of our generation,” shows you have no idea about music (see “Halt!” at, Dec. 30 edition).”Heart-shaped Box” was probably the one of the best-written songs of the ’90s. The album is abrasive at times but if you can’t handle it go listen to the crap we have nowadays.How can you call Nirvana overrated when almost all music that becomes popular is fake, only commercial, and talent-less.In the early ’90s the world was given a breath of fresh air, but it didn’t last long. Also, you were supposed to be talking about overrated bands and Puff Daddy is not a band, he’s a rapper. Next time you need to know about the music your talking about. C’mon, of all the bands there have been over the years you pick Nirvana. I’m sorry they ruined hair metal for you and you can no longer #*%&(@ to Axl Rose, but just shut

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