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Bridget Blackwell

The most-often heard phrase in Vail right now is the chant: “Spring Break 2005, woohoo!” It’s overpowering all other thoughts. And we’ll be hearing those words for the duration of the month.One enthusiastic spring-breaker caught my attention because he looked significantly older than your typical college kid. When I asked how many spring breaks he’d been through, his reply was, “I still have spring break ’95 on my credit card.”Wow. I’m impressed.Anyway, Tuesday I was at the George and witnessed something very out of the ordinary: two members of the opposite sex got into a fight.As is usually the case with fights, there are several different versions of the story floating around, but this is how I heard and saw it happen.Two guys playing pool against a co-ed team were defeated. The guy from the coed team then jokingly told the two guys on the other team to “go back to Denver” (assuming that’s where they were from). This initiated a face-to-face insult episode, and the girl from the coed team decided she needed to be involved.Next thing you know, a guy from the Denver team put her in a headlock. Well, all hell broke loose and people were yelling, “You don’t hit a girl” and getting all excited. Then about seven guys pinned the guy on the pool table where the girl took two “cheap shots,” at the guy. She nailed him in the face twice before he was escorted out.She told some people she couldn’t talk to the cops about what happened because she had warrants out for her arrest. The cops found out and arrested her when she left the bar.It was all very dramatic and I think she is crazy: when she hit that guy it sounded like someone hitting a wall. All I could think about was how much her hand must hurt. I think it would’ve hurt my hand more than his face.At the Bully Ranch on Wednesday, there were no fights; just Mark, the really fun bartender, mixing mudslides. My friend, Brian Puppe, says the Bully has the best mudslides in the valley. So I went and had one. It was good, but I was kind of disappointed (no offense to Mark). I was expecting an extravagant drink and it turned out very simple and slushy.I think Outback Steakhouse has the best mudslides in the valley (unfortunate, but true). They put ice cream, and chocolate syrup, and whipped cream on it and make it look very outrageous. Granted, it turns out more of a dessert than a drink, but regardless, it’s good stuff.I heard Bill McKay from Leftover Salmon at Semana Lounge this week and was pleased beyond expectation. He was chill, and the atmosphere was relaxed. The music was prominent enough to be heard, but not so loud you couldn’t talk. VTBridget Blackwell can be found out and about (on most nights) somewhere in the valley. She can be reached at

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