Luxury home project gets another try |

Luxury home project gets another try

Tamara Miller

EDWARDS – Developer Jim Comerford has tweaked his plans to build luxury homes on a 45-acre ranch in the rural Lake Creek Valley. But his potential neighbors still aren’t impressed. Comerford wants to build six homes on the Palmerosa Ranch along Lake Creek Road. That’s one home less than what he originally proposed when the Board of County Commissioners saw his plans last month. It’s also two homes less than what the county is allowing on the property. Other Lake Creek Valley property owners say Comerford should drop his plans to four homes. This is the second project planned for that area that residents have opposed, saying they want to maintain the rural character of their neighborhood. “It’s going to change the (Lake Creek Valley’s) character dramatically,” said Spence Denison, who lives in the Lake Creek Valley part-time. The Board of County Commissioners put Comerford’s plans on hold last month because state wildlife officials said the project straddles a well-known route that elk use to roam between higher and lower elevations. The board will visit the property Monday during the day, and will consider that night if the new plans are worthy of approval. The new plans call for fewer homes and they are arranged so they are away from the elk route, said Dominic Mauriello, whose firm is working for Comerford. The plan now has the support of the Division of Wildlife, Mauriello said. The way Comerford has moved the homes makes them even more visible to neighbors and drivers traveling down Lake Creek Road than before, Denison said. “It’s actually worse,” he said. The developer considered reducing the number of homes on the land to four, but it wouldn’t work out financially, Mauriello said. “What Jim wants to do is move out to the property himself,” he said. “A lot of the people who want to move out there are longtime local types.”Neighboring properties actually are more dense than what Comerford wants to do, Mauriello said. The Palmerosa Ranch will have about one house per seven acres. A property on one side has homes every three acres and another on the other side has one home on about five acres, he said. Included in Comerford’s plans are two “caretaker units” that fulfill the county’s affordable housing requirement. Both are attached to homes and are not considered part of the six Comerford is proposing to build. Earlier this summer, developer Fred Green withdrew his application to build several homes on a 28-acre piece of property along Lake Creek Road. The commissioners wanted Green to put significantly fewer homes on the property, but the project would not be profitable that way, Green wrote in a letter to the Vail Daily.Staff Writer Tamara Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 607, or, Colorado

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