Lydia Houghton BMHS |

Lydia Houghton BMHS

Team(s),club(s): Nordic, FBLA

Class of: 2006

Coach(es),leader(s): Nate Wells, MY DAD, and Mrs. Lindbloom

Lucky charm or trademark: French braids and Luna bars.

Ski or snowboard: Both

Favorite celebrity or athlete: My two favorite athletes are Kikkan Randall and Bode Miller because they are top nordic and alpine skiers that both perform well in their sport and give

I look up to: My family because they’re always there to guide me and direct me when I need assistance.

With a million bucks: I’d save enough money to get me all the way through college and graduate school, then I’d set aside enough money to do all of the traveling I’ve ever wanted to do, I’d give some to my family members and charity, put some away in savings, and buy a nice car and house.

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