Lynx have bumper crop of kittens |

Lynx have bumper crop of kittens

Allen Best

SAN JUAN MOUNTAINS, Colo. – Evidence continues to accumulate that Canada lynx are re-establishing themselves in Colorado. Two years ago wildlife researchers found 16 kittens, and last year they found 39 kittens. This year, 46 kittens were found.Lynx disappeared from Colorado during the 20th century, with the last confirmed lynx being killed in 1973. However, more than 200 lynx have been reintroduced into Colorado since early 1999. Most of the lynx remain in the San Juan Mountains, which was thought to be the best habitat when they were re-introduced. Granby says ‘no’ Dozer DaysGRANBY – Should Granby make hay of its misfortune last year and host a celebration called Dozer Days? That’s what the Sky-Hi News asked in a straw vote, and 72 percent of respondents said no. “Not only no, but hell no,” scribbled one voter.The idea surfaced almost immediately after muffler-shop owner Marvin Heemeyer last year tore through the town in a fortified bulldozer, wrecking or damaging 13 buildings and causing $5 million in damage before killing himself. Dismay obviously remains the dominant response. “Why would anyone want to celebrate a day of fear and destruction that ended in a death,” wrote Jo Moore. “Speaking as someone who was hearing the gun fire, seeing the destruction and trying to calm terrified children – to say nothing of being forced from our homes for 24 hours – none of us, particularly the children, need or want to be reminded of that day.”Steamboat miners win and loseSTEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Steamboat is best known for its white, powdery snow, but almost as important to the local economy is the dark, heavy stuff – coal.The Steamboat Pilot reports that an underground mine, Seneca, figures to lay off 100 employees later this year. However, a strip mine at Twentymile Park is planning to add 80 employees. The workers being hired will make an estimated $67,000 each.Free parking to end in TruckeeTRUCKEE, Calif. – Ten years ago free parking ended in Aspen. Now, it’s ending in Truckee, where the town council has purchased 35 “pay and display” meters. Town officials expect kinks in the new system, which includes solar-powered traffic meters. Business owners in the rapidly changing downtown district have been pushing for paid parking for year.Vail, Colorado

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