Mackenzie Secrist EVHS |

Mackenzie Secrist EVHS

Mackenzie Secrist EVHS

Sport(s), club(s): Volleyball

Nickname: Kenzie

Age: 15

Class of: 2008

Coach(es), leader(s): Rob Crawford, Shawn Weatherred

Favorite summer memory: Playing in The King of the Mountain

What’s your academic goal for this year: To letter and get a 4.0 GPA

What’s the best thing about your sport(s), club(s): The coaches are

awesome and you get to improve your vertical jump

What have you done to prepare for the

season: I did club, played in King of the


What’s your perfect meal: Macaroni

Who is your rival team: Battle Mountain

Who is your role model and why: The libero on the USA Olimpic team because she’s short like me and she moves and passes faster and better than anyone else on the team

Vail Colorado

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