Mad Science comes to Beaver Creek appeals to the child within |

Mad Science comes to Beaver Creek appeals to the child within

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Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyMad Science's, "Newton's Revenge 2" breaks the barrier between actors and audience members with their interactive show.

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” Explore the zanier side of science with Mad Science’s live stage show, “Newton’s Revenge 2.” Known for its unique brand of educational entertainment, Mad Science has amused audiences around the world with its stage productions. Now they bring their show to the stage in Beaver Creek as part of the Vilar Center’s family/STARS series.

“Newton’s Revenge 2” awakens Sir Isacc Newton’s brain after 300 years of sleep. Professor Pruvvit and Crash lead the attempt to demystify the fundamental Laws of Motion. But first, the audience must improvise the three law principles for Sir Isaac Newton:

1) Objects in motion stay in motion unless acted upon by force.

2) Force = mass x acceleration.

3) To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Volunteers demonstrate the role of physics in our everyday lives as they are called upon to participate in Newtonian Challenges. Join in on a first law dance-off demonstration. Watch as Crash lies on a bed of nails in a second law demonstration. Prepare to watch two teams of kids chosen from the audience use specially designed catapults to discover the power of Newton’s third law.

Mad Science teaches important lessons ” audience volunteers demonstrate all the Laws of Motion in one final scientific showdown. The interactive experiments and antics are “guaranteed to stir a commotion about the science of motion!”

This stage show will break the barrier between actors and audience with constant participation and interactivity. As the world’s leading fun science brand, Mad Science presents activities to spark the imagination of children.

The Vilar Center presents two special show times for this performance: a noon STARS show, and a 6:30 p.m. public show. The STARS series of performances is offered to promote artistic, educational and cultural enrichment to local students with in-school workshops and daytime shows at the theatre. Each year, the Vilar Center provides free transportation and tickets to more than 5,000 Eagle, Summit and Lake County students to expose them to live performing arts.

Tickets for “Newton’s Revenge 2” are $11 for children and $14 for adults, and are available by calling the Vilar Center Box Office at 845-TIXS(8497) or by visiting

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