Maddy Trtanj, Battle Mountain High School |

Maddy Trtanj, Battle Mountain High School

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Maddy TrtanjBattle Mountain High SchoolTown you live in: EdwardsHow long in the valley: 18 yearsHave you been affected at all by senioritis and if so, how are you dealing with it? With it coming so close to the end I’d have to say yes. Dealing with it kinda depends on the day, it’s different each day.What are your future plans? Possibly attending Fort Lewis down in Durango.Fondest high school memory: Well, I’d have to say the first snow day in 27 years.Something few people know about me: If I answered this, then not only a few people would know, everyone would know…. :)What makes me smile: The sun, snow, snowboarding, soccer, friends, family, and the movie “Cars,” etc.

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