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Made in the shade

Laura A. Ball
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When they don’t feel like putting makeup on, Mary Kate and Ashley throw on a ridiculously large pair of shades before stepping out their door and being thrown to the hungry paparazzi.OK, we don’t all have such problems, but we all need to save face once in a while and why not look like a movie star doing it.

We can learn something from the style-savvy siblings: Bigger is better.Of course there is nothing new about these oversized, retro frames synonymous with classic beauty Jackie O. When my grandmother passed away (she was one of my favorite fashion icons) I inherited a pair of them in virtually every color. They have never been out of style, timeless like the women who wear them.

Sleek, futuristic sporty shades are the alternative, really hot and way more practical for athletic endeavors. Not only are sporty lenses made from sturdier materials, they protect your eyes from flying debris.Living in Vail, you should probably be equipped with both.

About shape

Finding the right shape for your face is easier than you think. Choose a pair of shades opposite of the shape of your face. If you have a long or angular face, round shades are generally more becoming. Try ovals or a large rectangular shape for a rounder face. An oval-shaped face can carry off pretty much any style.This season, designers are going for bright colors – reds, pinks, greens. If you feel overwhelmed by the option of color, black and tortoise shell are universally flattering.

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Function formalityRegardless of what style you choose, sunglasses have more benefits than simply looking fashionable.

When it comes to protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses are a necessity. And if you are buying sunglasses for protection, don’t be turned off by the color of the lens. It has nothing to do with their ability to block out harmful rays, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Try glasses with various removable lenses for different activities. Smith makes a fabulous pair. The dark polarized lenses, which cut the glare from smooth surfaces like snow or pavement, are great for running, skiing and boating. (They also make your surroundings appear brighter and make you feel happier.) The yellow tinted lenses, which help perceive shading, are great for cyclists.

Money matters

When you’re buying for outdoor wear, you should probably spend a little extra and go for quality. It makes a huge difference. When you’re going for style, unless you’re completely brand-conscious, it’s not necessary to spend a lot. And if you’re like me, you shouldn’t, because you’ll probably lose them anyway.Staff Writer Laura A. Ball can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 619, or

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