Made life miserable for ‘cheaters’ |

Made life miserable for ‘cheaters’

Michael Cacioppo

The piece of fiction signed off on by the Eagle County School Board that the Daily printed on June 22 was probably their best effort to date to continue lying about the 2001 TABOR election in their successful attempt to overturn our Constitution without the vote of the statewide voters. These liars should have signed on with Bill Clinton and participated in his new book, “My Lies.” They all have a lot in common besides lying. That is, they all believe, as most liberals do, that their liberal ends justifies the means.One problem, though. They ran into a group of conservatives that would not allow them to bully their way to change our Constitution without a fight. I wish to publicly thank those conservatives who helped finance this valiant effort to expose the lying, cheating school board, knowing full well that the lying, cheatiing Colorado Supreme Court would do just as I predicted, allow the lying, cheating school board to prevail. Their dollars helped keep the cost of defense sustainable against the power of the state, and made the school board, their attorneys, their liberal employees and even the Colorado Supreme Court themselves, uncomfortable for almost three years. I am so pleased about this!I know, liberal Daily editor Don Rogers, whose mother is a retired teacher, is going, “blah, blah, blah.” That is because Rogers himself agrees that the ends jiustifies the means. As Speakout! is not printing the week of the Fourth of July because of “Ye Olde Publisher’s”birthday, I am responding to the school board in the Daily. And, appropriately so, since that is where their lies were printed June 22.Frankly, the board’s entire piece was fiction, and I know the Daily won’t allow me enough space to refute each point by point. But, I will address a few of their juicier lies.First, the allegation that I have not honored previous settlement agreements is laughable. The 1998 lawsuit I launched after catching them in the illegal secret meeting required the settlement agreement to be printed. So I could not have violated any settlement agreement since it was, in fact, printed in the Vail Daily. It is laughable also because, in fact, the school district violated the agreement, as acknowledged by former Superintendent Mel Preusser, who actually apologized for their violation of mistating a public agenda. Also, it is indisputable that the school board leaked a settlement offer in this case to Melinda Gladistch, which was admitted by her on the record at the court hearing. And, amazingly, they go public on the settlement offer, which they insisted in the past be confidential, by leaking information to the Daily in the June 22 fiction. These people are the proverbial pot calling the kettle black! How quickly the lame-brains on the board forget!Second, I was upfront from the beginning of settlement offers and in the Speakout! newspaper that after all of the lawsuits that I have ever filed against government, in this particular suit I would be asking for money for the damages from the illegal efforts by both the school district administrative office and the local left-wingnut teachers union, that no settlement by me would be considered until I would recover damages for their illegal actions in trying to put Speakout! out of business.Third, I always insisted that any amount of tax increase money after the “and” clause, which still violates TABOR’s requirement for a fixed amount of money as the tax increase be removed from the taxpayers to maintain this principle of the Constitution.Each and every time I made an offer, the amount of money to pay for damages increased. And, frankly, I had an amount of money over and above, to compensate those who actually spent money on litigation if a settlement occurred to allow them to pay for their portion of the illegal tax increase, because these people deserved that! But, frankly, for most of the donors, they also expected the Colorado Supreme Court to cheat, and they gave their money willingly because they are principled people, unlike the liberally lying members of the school board. Isn’t it amazing that there are a few principled people left in the country who give to principled issues and don’t expect to get anything in return. Compare that to the liberals who always have their hands out for other people’s hard-earned money.For the school board to declare a “complete” victory is also laughable. How can you have a victory when from the moment the case was filed I predicted our side would lose, and I stated that one of the goals was to demonstrate that our constitutional rights are an illusion, both state and federal? I also stated that I would make the board’s lives miserable for cheating and getting away with it, and that those would be the consequences that we would impose, with or without the Colorado Supreme Court’s endorsement. It is clear that our goals were met. And that in itself is a victory for the principled! The liberals are so angry that they continue to write nonsense, and their “complete victory” spin is humorous because they know it is indisputable that the Colorado Supreme Court stated that it did not rule on the merits of the case. The court only ruled on the illegal five-day rule that would have required me to post a bond for the government’s legal fees if I sued under that law. That law is bad public policy, and we all know it. But the Colorado Supreme Court took the easy way out and made the five-day rule more powerful than the Constitution and thus overturned the TABOR constitutional amendment with a stroke of the pen in violation of the vote of the people statewide. If I were the Colorado Supreme Court, I wouldn’t have wanted to rule on the merits, especially after school finance director Karen Strakbein admitted that she cheated and falsely disclosed the true revenue position of the voters by almost 83 percent. If I were the Colorado Supreme Court, I wouldn’t have wanted to invent the antidote to former school board President Tim McMichael’s and former school board member Nancy Reid’s statements under oath. McMichael and Reid stated that if they had known about Strakbein’s lies, as to their revenue position, they would never have supported the tax increase. Kudos to them for their veracity and principles after discovering the facts which were investigated by “Ye Olde Publisher”!Frankly, I am pleased for each and every time some uncourageous bozo calls into Tipsline and anonymously wants me to leave town or quit writing Speakout! These people are so motivating for me to continue. After all, Speakout! has never existed to appease these people. It only exists to continue to educate those that yearn for truth instead of for “ends that justify the means” lies.And, finally, to the Tipsline bus driver and various public school teachers who don’t like me: How quickly you have forgotten how many times I have stood up for you in the past 20 years at school board meetings. I see now that unless people like me abandon the truth and our principles, you folks are only our friends if we agree with padding your pockets on each and every issue, with “your ends” justifying the means mentality. How sad for you, you selfish, greedy people, with unprincipled minds!Pleased to sign my name: Michael J. Cacioppo, Avon.

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