Magazine builds eco-friendly dream home in Cordillera |

Magazine builds eco-friendly dream home in Cordillera

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado

Mountain Living Magazine has teamed up with a Dream Team of developers, architects, designers and builders to construct their next Luxury Green Living – Dream Home 2008. Over the next twelve months Mountain Living will take their readers to the site of Dream Home 2008 using photography and editorial to document each phase of construction on the 8,000 square foot high performance homeproving that building green resort homes can be very luxurious. This spectacular home is the second in the Dream Home series for Mountain Living. The Dream Home project is committed to creating sustainable solutions by building high performance, energy efficient luxury homes that provide healthy places to live. The promotion gives the readers a chance to learn about the latest in technology and green building techniques, by giving them a step by step guide on how to implement the solutions used to create the home.Upon completion in June 2008, Dream Home 2008 will be one of the most environmentally progressive luxury homes in the country. Green building is among the fastest growing trends in homebuilding today. It is predicted that Green Building will reach a tipping point in 2007-08 setting the stage for the rest of the world to follow. Green homes of today will become the standard for the future, as reported by the NAHB and McGraw-Hill joint study, the Residential Green Building SmartMarket Report. A NAHB report released in early June 2007 reported more than 50 percent increase since 2004 in the number of green homes certified by voluntary, builder-supported green building programs around the country. The Dream Home 2008 is one of only a few homes in the state of Colorado to be included in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) pilot program. The Dream Home series was created to inspire a change in luxury living and design by showcasing how the latest green technologies or High Performance building strategies can be incorporated into luxurious resort properties. Developed and built by Margie Hamrick, of Ecoexistence, Dream Home 2008 will serve as an educational tool for builders, architects, designers, sub-contractors of various trades and homeowners to promote high performance building, green living, and conservation. “We believe that just because you can afford the energy, doesnt give you the right to waste it. Said Margie Hamrick. This is an opportunity to be part of a solution, this home is a great example of what we can do today to make a difference in the environment tomorrow.The home was designed by Peter MacDonald, of Peter Stafford MacDonald and Company from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is currently under construction. David Huffman from Boles Custom Builders, Inc. is the project manager and is on site daily to oversee the making of the Green Dream Home.The Dream Home located in Cordillera, Colorado, is located within Eagle County, which has implemented the elaborate ECObuild program that requires builders of new residential construction to accrue a certain number of points on a checklist of green building practices that focus on increasing energy efficiency, saving water, using recycled materials and improving indoor air quality.Authors of Sustainable Residential Interiors (Wiley, 2006), Associates III of Denver, Colorado are the interior deign consultant for the project.Upon completion the Natural Dream Home will be among the largest LEED for home projects in the country. The home was designed to meet the needs of the developer, who has a combined family of seven, it was important to build a home that was green, healthy and luxurious. The goal was to build the most sustainable home possible. It meant being smart, said Hamrick. We had to think about the process, the materials, the water and the energy while at the same time leaving little impact on the surrounding environment. Its about using less and saving more, said Hamrick. This isnt about the small home vs. the large home, it is about doing the right thing all homes large and small should be built with the highest building standards available. Just because large homes consume more energy doesnt mean we should ignore this market. It starts at home and after attending the West Coast Green Conference in San Francisco in September, their goal should be adopted for the future and that is Every Home, Everywhere, Green. Said Hamrick.Not everyone will embrace a project of this size. It is important to start living the change, we must move away from whos to blame and towards what to do. This project will teach us just that, what to do now to make large homes more eco-friendly. And as we learn together about what we can do for the environment it will be important to remember the quote from John Stuart, Every great movement must experience three stages: ridicule, discussion, adoption The Dream Home project will combine energy-efficient technologies starting with the excavation of the site to the photovoltaic solar panels that will not only provide a majority of the Dream Homes electrical needs but will also feed the grid. The project will also receive certification from Eco-Build, Built Green Colorado and ENERGY STAR. Dream Home 2008 is being designed to receive Energy Star certification. This designation is awarded to homes that meet specific guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Energy Star-qualified homes are at least 15 percent more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC).Other Green Features include:Resource sharing Photovoltaics or PV, solar power technology that uses solar cells to convert light from the sun into electricityLogs and trusses rescued from Beatle KillReclaimed and environmentally-certified woodsHigh Performance Triple glazed low-E WindowsSolar tubing that directs natural lighting into the garage, closets and other rooms Energy Star lighting and appliances Cabinets constructed with certified wood, manufactured with a formaldehyde-free resin, but also has no VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissionsHigh Efficiency faucets, shower heads Low-flow and dual flush toilets Chemical free carpet and non-toxic low VOC paints and stains Recycled products on floors, countertops and on the roof Touch panel computer system that manages/monitors the homes energy and water useBuilding materials that have a high percentage of recycled content and that are sourced as close to the project as possibleThe home will serve as a living classroom that will encourage, inform and demonstrate the importance of building homes that are environmentally responsible. The 2008 Dream Home will share the knowledge and the resources of each of the trades responsible for creating this sustainable residence. With all the sponsors lined up to support the project, the developer, Ecoexistence will donate a share of proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. The local chapter of Habitat for Humanity will receive funds, volunteers and recycled products from the building of the Dream Home, said Hamrick. We will begin the construction of one Habitat Duplex unit that is part of the Fox Hollow project located in Edwards, Colorado. The unit is scheduled to break ground in the summer of 2008, she said. The goal will be to share what we learned on the Dream Home project to create an energy efficient/LEED certified Habitat for Humanity home. By building a high performance Habitat Home, it will lower their bills and set the families up for long-term success as a responsible homeowner. This will also set an example for future Habitat projects and hopefully encourage a change in their building standards across the board. Said Hamrick.Since we were selected to be a part of Mountain Livings Dream Home 2008 I have seen a great level of excitement surrounding our commitment to the environment and it is catching on. It gives everyone involved with the project the chance to make a difference within his or her own trade. Said Hamrick. After meeting with the people and companies who make up this Dream Team, it isnt unusual to get a call back from them saying we are changing the way we do business because of this projectthis is our way of being a part of the solution, as we encourage everyone involved with our project to raise their standards and challenge them to do things differently, they see the benefits and then share themwe all become a part of the change. We will be there each step of the way showing how-to, where to buy, who installs it and what makes it green. Ecoexistence is investing in the solution. The Green Movement has marched. Building green makes both environmental and economic sense. This project gives the building community the opportunity to take part in a solution that will encourage people to stop counting what they spend and start counting what they SAVEOne message that should be heard across the world again came from the West Coast Green ConferenceWe are in this together and together we can transform the market one green home at a time. For More Information please contact:Margie Hamrick, DeveloperAssociates IIIEcoexistenceSustainable Design TeamPO Box 2125Kari FosterEdwards, CO 81532Senior Project Designer970-936-9261303-534-4444David HuffmanPeter MacDonald & CompanyBoles Custom Builders, Inc.Peter MacDonald, ArchitectProject Manager612-333-1822970-977-1004Patti BraveHolly Scott, PublisherSlifer, Smith & FramptonMountain Living MagazineReal Estate AgentDream Home 2008970-390-1112303-248-2058Habitat for HumanityElyse

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