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Make the most of every connection from Vail

Michael Nortonnewsroom@vaildaily.comVail, CO, Colorado

VAIL, Colorado Author and business strategist Tony Jeary says that Life is a series of presentations. His belief is that throughout our entire day we are making a series of mini-presentations that could shape and define how that day goes. From the way we greet ourselves in the mirror while brushing our teeth to each personal interaction, telephone call, text message, and e-mail, we are giving mini-presentations. After hitting the snooze button on the opportunity clock (formerly known as the alarm clock) several times we finally rise to our feet, recognize we are running late, shout at our spouse or children to wake up, curse ourselves and everyone else for being late, and then gently and lovingly lean over and pet the dog good morning. Your day will start off great if you are trying hard at building a relationship with your dog, but you may have some catching up to do with the others in your life.Now imagine the interactions you have with your customers. When they come into your store or restaurant how do you greet them? Do you welcome them warmly? Do you smile? Do you take a sincere interest in their shopping, dining, or lodging experience? Remember, each interaction and mini-presentation can shape or define your day. Are you presenting and portraying your very best? Every chance that you have to turn an interaction into a connection is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship in your personal or business life. In business, and especially in highly competitive times, we need to go that extra mile. Many business owners talk about up-selling. They encourage their sales staff or wait staff to up-sell the customer whenever possible. That is a good strategy, however it is flawed if the philosophy behind it is not founded in up-serving first. Jim Cathcart, author and sales expert, says that up-serving is about getting someone to feel more satisfied. Its not focusing on your need to sell. Its focusing on their needs as the buyer. And the emphasis is not to get them to increase the size of the order which may happen but getting them to feel more satisfied that theyre your customer.The difference between a successful business season and an unsuccessful one will come down to going the extra mile and making every interaction and transaction a true connection. In talking with Rob LeVine this week, general manager of the Antlers Lodge, he said, I am really encouraging my team to focus on the customer experience. Making sure that when our guests leave that their decision to return is an easy one. Whether you are in business or not, you can begin practicing your mini-presentations right now. It is easy, you see, as a smile is considered a mini-presentation. So here is how you practice as my friend Zig Ziglar would say If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. Let us know how we are doing at the Vail Chamber & Business Association. Are we meeting your needs? Are we presenting our best when we see you in your shops or when you visit our office? Our goal is to exceed your service expectations. If you have questions about the Vail chamber or wish to join, please contact us at 970-477-0075 or via e-mail at Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you in the future. Michael Norton is the executive director of the Vail Chamber & Business Association.

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