Make this the season of slow |

Make this the season of slow

Karen Petersen
Living Energy
Vail CO Colorado

Slow down! The holiday season has passed and the New Year has begun. This is a good time to consciously choose the pace at which you live. “Slow” is upon us and it is the easiest idea to embrace. There is a slow movement going on out there and it is reconnecting people with their true essence and regional culture, and I for one, am totally in tune with it.

I have a pair of slippers that greet me in my entry way when I arrive home. The left slipper says SLOW, the right slipper says DOWN. It is a daily reminder to savor all that is special in my day and not get caught up in the rat race that is constantly pulling me to get on the tread mill and run faster. I try to start my day with yoga or meditation to set the pace for my day. Silence is a great space to be in before you jump into action.

“Slow” is a political movement that has a powerful momentum for the capacity for changing the way we think and act. The slow movement can give us meaning, a conceptual framework into which we can fit ideas that range more widely. The reach of “slow” ideas is enormous, from energy consumption to the way people treat each other, how children are taught in our schools and how houses are built. Slow ideas embrace the vastness of the ecological crisis that is threatening us all. While we take fossil fuel from the ground and recklessly burn it at the planets cost, those who adopt a “slow” approach will burn less. Do things that will make your house more energy efficient, carpool, and put on a sweater instead of turning up the heat. Also, you can save energy by turning the heat down at night and put an extra blanket on your bed. Get creative and get cozy!

“Slow” should also come about as we prepare our food for a meal. Food inspires conviviality and is central to all that is slow. Forget the fast food, try slow food. Slow food can be prepared in a crock pot and is left to simmer all day while you are moving fast through your day. It takes very little time or effort to prepare it, just some planning ahead of time to shop for the right ingredients, simple wholesome food. I have respect for good ingredients. Shop local and buy organic products whenever you can. They cost a little more, but they taste so much better and will nourish you and your family in a way that processed food can’t. The result is an aroma that will greet you with such a sense of being welcomed home, and it will tantalize your appetite in a way that no other sensory experience will. Remember Mom’s home cooking on a holiday? That aroma, and spending half a day preparing a meal seems only worthy of a special occasion, but coming home to a home cooked crock pot can be an everyday treat. Besides, you will always have leftovers!

Think of living “slow” as a bridge from pressure to pleasure. And oh, how we need it.

Karen Petersen is a certified feng shui consultant and owner of Black Diamond Realty. She can be reached at 970-904-0003 or for more information, visit Petersen is also the founder and owner of a new business in Vail, Hot Crocks, which will prepare gourmet and traditional crock pots in homes in the Vail Valley. For a menu of crock pot recipes, e-mail

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