Making great kids great racers |

Making great kids great racers

Carolyn Pope
Heidi Kloser, Karlie Moore, Georgia Wettlaufer and Zac Layman.

VAIL – Ski and Snowboard Club Vail is a history in its own. It’s a history of what makes Vail great a passion for snow sports, accepting nothing less than excellence and hard work.It ain’t for wimps, but it can be a heck of a lot of fun.”True perfection” isn’t achievable, because someone will, at some point, better your time. Maybe this race brings a first and a record speed. Next race? It just depends.

But nothing is better than carving the turn around a gate, going faster, faster, tucking through the finish, looking at your time on the board, and knowing that was good – really good.That’s what the ski club is about. It’s not about who can afford the coaching. It’s much more about who is driven enough to go out, week after week, and try harder. It’s about being a champion, not only on the racecourse, but off of it as well.”Having a passion for racing has given me the desire to be a better student so I have time to race. It’s given me balance,” said Georgia Wettlaufer, a ski racer, who represented club members at the Glitter, Gates and Rails fundraiser. Georgia, along with fellow ski and snowboarders Karlie Moore, Heidi Kloser and Zac Layman shared told the fundraiser’s guests how the club had enhanced their lives.The annual fundraiser was held at Larkspur recently. The event raises money to fund scholarships for children and young adults who have a passion for the sports but may not be in the financial position to participate without financial assistance.

The guests dined on Larkspur’s wonderful cuisine, including their signature veal scaloppini and ancho-rubbed pork chop, completed with a delicious pumpkin cheesecake or warm valrhona chocolate “Almond Joy” cake.After dinner, a live auction, emceed by Vail Resorts’ Bill Jensen, featured such items as breakfast with coach Aldo Radamus, a week at the luxurious Esperanza resort in Cabo San Lucas or a private jet for ten.The event was made possible by Diamond sponsors Dr. Al Bishop, MacDermid Inc., Jolyon and Georgina Ralston, Sandy and Kathy Treat, and other benefactors.

The ski club’s goal is to not only create great skiers and snowboarders, but to instill the values of courage, character and commitment in the more than 400 youth who participate each winter. If racer Karlie Moore is any example, they are staying true to their mission.”My two coaches, Dan and Karl, have become way more than just two guys who like to yell at me on the race course,” she said. “They have become mentors – two more parents nagging me about waxing and not wearing a hat on the podium, and two of my best friends.”

For more information on Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, visit or call 476-5119.

Nancy and “J.C.” Cole with Heather McInherny and Lauren Lang.

Dan Weiland, Emily Kloser, Brian Baker, Mike Kloser and Ana Jeronimus.

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