Making YOUR business OUR business |

Making YOUR business OUR business

Daily Staff Report
Vail CO, Colorado

Dear Vail Valley Businesses,

The Vail Daily would like to invite you to make YOUR business OUR business.

When something happens in your business, it’s news and we want to publish it.

The Vail Daily understands how important you and your company are to this region. Business news has always been a big part of the complete news package our readers have come to expect.

That’s why we want to continue meeting our readers’ expectations by covering local business people and the businesses they run.

Like other popular sections of your newspaper, business coverage is part of a complete picture of life in the Vail Valley. As the valley’s businesses grow in both size and number, some of you may add staff, name new management or promote current employees.

Our business reporters may not hear about it unless they hear from you. When we hear about it, we’d like to tell the Vail Valley. We also depend on the eyes and ears of community members like yourself to help keep us informed. That’s why we’re offering you a couple of tools we hope you will find useful in submitting and reporting news to the Vail Daily’s editorial department.

The items include a company contact sheet, a news release form and a story idea suggestion contact list and form. Please feel free to make several copies of each and file them for future use. They are simple to follow and we hope you find them useful. A short description of each is below for your use.

– Business news tipsheet:

This can be used for major stories, developments and routine business news such as staff changes.

– Business/Corporate contact list:

This tool provides helps both your business and the Vail Daily. This helps us contact the right people, those responsible to comment and avoid confusion. The list also serves as a reference for professionals in your field of business.

Please make several copies and update them as often as necessary. Drop them off or send them to the Vail Daily.

– News release form:

A simple, easy-to-follow news release writing sequence will help get your news story organized.

Simple reference points for your news releases are the 5 Ws – who, what, when, here and why.

Including a photograph is always helpful.

Thank you for your kind consideration. If you have any others, at anytime, please call Business Editor Scott Miller (970) 748-2930, or Publisher Steve Gall at (970) 748-2992.

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