Maloit Park up for Minturn annexation |

Maloit Park up for Minturn annexation

Matt Terrell

MINTURN ” Maloit Park and Minturn Middle School could soon be annexed into the town of Minturn.

About 100 acres of land in and around Maloit Park are owned by the school district, including the middle school and a 15-acre area where you’ll find Minturn’s water treatment plant. These areas, though, aren’t actually a part of Minturn, geographically speaking.

The town has been interested for some time in officially making Maloit Park and the middle school a part of Minturn ” sort of as a housekeeping chore, said Gary Suiter, interim town administrator.

“It’s been a part of the town culturally and socially for some time ” we’ve always felt like it was part of the town,” Suiter said.

Annexing the area would formalize those feelings, and provide some benefits to both the town and school district, Suiter said.

The school district has made no commitment to the annexation at this time, but is willing to continue the discussion, Superintendent Sandra Smyser said.

Right now, if the school district needs police assistance at Minturn Middle School, it’s provided by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. After annexation, that could be provided by the nearby Minturn police.

The school district’s property values also could go up, Suiter said. If the area were annexed, it would have to be zoned into a Planned Unit Development, which is how the town organizes land use.

“If they wanted to build affordable housing on it, divide it up, propose other multiple uses, they could go through the town’s land-use process,” Suiter said.

The annexation agreement also would involve giving the land occupied by the water treatment plant to the town, Suiter said. It hasn’t been an actual problem so far operating the treatment plant on school district land, but it would be a good idea to obtain the land, just in case, Suiter said.

It might be two or three months before an annexation agreement is actually seen, Suiter said. Part of the discussions will include who will maintain the roads in the area.

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