Mama, don’t let your Freuds grow up to be cowboys |

Mama, don’t let your Freuds grow up to be cowboys

Daily file photoChris Freud

VAIL ” OK, first things, first.

I was walking around the Teva Mountain Games mega-plex in the Vail Village Friday and saw that Volkswagen was giving out those red cowboy hats again this year.

People, people, that is sooooo 2006.

In fact, my red hat from last year is currently gathering whatever grows behind my computer here in the office. I’m not dusting it off.

OK, there is a reason I write sports instead of play them as my wander through Sponsor-ville demonstrated. Carhartt has a big booth where you can get timed for how fast you can change a NASCAR tire. What does this have to do with the “mountain lifestyle” that the Teva Games promotes?

While you ponder that, I achieved a first. Also at the Carhartt spread, I became the first Freud to attempt to use a lasso. The concrete bull for which I was aiming had no prayer of becoming a T-bone. If the bull were actually real it probably would have been asking, “What’s that idiot with a rope doing?”

My athletic prowess continued as I tried to win a Tyson T-shirt. Why? I had time to kill. The idea was to throw a sack ball into one of the two top holes of a box. I missed the box completely twice and then salvaged my dignity by hitting the box ” but not close to a hole ” on my final try.

My dignity was undone when the kid who followed me hit the hardest hole on his first toss for a backpack. Given these athletic exploits ” or lack thereof, I declined to get on the Zest surfboard or take a go at kayaking in the kiddie pool.

Com’ on, you can see the headline ” “Sports editor drowns at Teva Games. See page A2.”

Freuds just don’t do athletic things. We do like to flap our gums and try to find a good place for lunch.

– Speaking of which, Moe’s Original Barbecue still rocks the Teva Games. I actually got a sandwich there Friday. Last year, they were always sold out. Now that’s celebrating the “mountain lifestyle.”

– Seriously, if we want to celebrate the “mountain lifestyle,” let’s get an event where the winner is first person to find three jobs simultaneously in order to rent an apartment that’s the size of a closet.

– The ultimate mountain challenge opens today with the down-river sprint and the mountain biking. The team concept is cool, but give it up to the men and women who will be doing this solo. That’s “ultimate.”

– On Day 2 of the challenge is what I call celebrity death match cycling ” local media-style. Sure Tour de France winner Floyd Landis is racing, but in the road biking stage, it’s Daily sports writer Ian Cropp against Plum TV’s Shauna Farnell. Go, Shauna! Nothing personal against Ian. I’m just sick of his Sabres and Red Sox.

– It’s easy as 1-2-3: A Jackson will win one of the kayak rodeos today. I’m going out on a limb.

n SWAG (Stuff we all get) update: three shirts, two hats, a CD, a pair of socks and tons of granola bars. But no red hat yet. That will come about the time I master the lasso.

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