Man accused in mom’s slaying to undergo psych exam |

Man accused in mom’s slaying to undergo psych exam

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado ” A judge has ordered a 20-year-old Colorado Springs man accused of beating his mother to death with a guitar to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

District Judge Greg Werner made a preliminary ruling Wednesday that Christopher Benjamin Weiler is incompetent to stand trial in the March 30 death of 60-year-old Florence Mina Miller-Weiler.

Miller-Weiler, a retired middle school science teacher, was found dead in her room by her sister, Nancy Kim Arnn, who shared a home with Miller-Weiler and Weiler.

Weiler was arrested in Denver hours later.

An arrest affidavit says Arnn told investigators Weiler had been treated for mental illness and hadn’t been taking his schizophrenia medication. She also said Weiler had choked a woman during a recent church group trip to Telluride.

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