Man accused of exposing himself on mountain trail |

Man accused of exposing himself on mountain trail

Veronica Whitney

Mountain bikers and hikers beware – you could find more than trees and wildflowers on some local trails.On July 2, a Denver woman who was mountain biking on Vail Mountain called police to say she had seen a man masturbating on one of the trails.The 36-year-old woman told police she had been biking on the Grand Traverse trail, when a man passed her on a mountain bike. Minutes later, she found the man again, but this time he was on the side of the trail facing her with his biking shorts pulled down to his ankles and he masturbating, police said.The woman said that when she passed the masturbating man, he told her, “Sorry.”Vail Mountain security had officers on the mountain looking for the man, but he was never found, police said. Borrowed plate tabsOne day, she says, she sees them. The next, she says, she doesn’t.On Tuesday, a 47-year-old Gypsum woman called police to report that the tags on her license plates had been removed and replaced many times. The woman told police she suspects someone is borrowing them for their car and returning them later.The woman also told police someone had been stealing gas from her car regularly. She said about three gallons has been taken twice a week since January. The woman told police there was no one she suspected, but said the person taking the tags and gas probably lived nearby.Police canvassed the area but couldn’t find any evidence or suspects. They told the woman the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office would patrol he area more often.Window shoot outThe owner of a Canyon Run condo was sitting in his living room on July 1 when he heard a “pop” from the bedroom. The man called police when he realized that the window had been shot out.Once at the apartment, police found a small BB-sized hole in a bedroom windowpane. By using the hole to estimate trajectory, they determined that the projectile had come from the eastern end of the Eagle Bend apartment building. After following some leads, police interviewed a 23-year-old New York man, who was staying with some friends at one of the apartments in the complex.The man allegedly said he had shot the BB rifle from inside the apartment out the open door at a target sitting on the deck railing. He said his friends had been showing him how to shoot targets.The man said he didn’t think that the BB rifle he shot would reach the building across the river and said he would pay for the damage.No one was hurt, but police arrested the man for reckless endangerment and prohibited use of a weapon.Veronica Whitney can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 454 or at

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