Man accused of staging own kidnapping faces seven charges |

Man accused of staging own kidnapping faces seven charges

Veronica Whitney
Special to the DailyMichael Moore

EAGLE ” The Vail man who allegedly staged his own kidnapping last month posted bond and moved to Illinois, court papers show.

Michael Moore, 35, faces seven charges ” four felonies ” including two counts of aggravated robbery and menacing. The misdemeanor charges are false imprisonment, theft and false reporting to authorities.

Moore, who used to work for Trapper’s Cabin in Beaver Creek, posted a $25,000 bond in May and, with the judge’s permission, moved to Mackesney Park, Ill., to work and live with his brother.

In a letter to the judge, Moore says he “needed to move for employment to raise money for my legal counsel.”

Also in the letter, Moore said he would be back for his June 13 hearing in Eagle, but he failed to appear. So far, no arrest warrant has been issued. Moore wrote another letter to the judge explaining why he wasn’t coming to the hearing, a court clerk said.

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In the alleged kidnapping hoax, police also arrested an accomplice, Michael George Malovic, 48, of Vail. Malovic allegedly helped Moore stage his own abduction, police said.

According to Moore’s booking report, he has a history of domestic violence. His wife filed for divorce a week after the alleged incident happened.

Vail Police initially reported Moore was abducted at gunpoint by two men who forced their way into his East Vail apartment May 12 after he answered a knock on the door. He said the abductors ordered him to bind his wife’s hands and ankles with duct tape and then ordered him to produce money. Moore allegedly took his wife’s ATM card and later was video-taped retrieving $400 from an ATM in Vail Village.

Police say Moore told his wife to seek a safe place and to wait an hour before calling police, just before he left with the two men. Moore was found in Avon two days later at a friend’s home and arrested.

According to the arrest warrant, Moore attended a party in Beaver Creek the night after the incident, when he was still supposedly missing. Witnesses interviewed by police said Moore did not mention being abducted or held at gunpoint.

Police also found a receipt for duct tape in a pair of Moore’s pants. An unloaded .22 caliber revolver ” matching Moore’s wife’s description of the weapon used in the incident ” was found in a backpack in a closet in Moore’s apartment, police said.

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