Man accused of taking blame in son’s crash |

Man accused of taking blame in son’s crash

Christine Ina Casillas

That’s what happened to Avon resident Steven Lucido, who allegedly tried to protect his 16-year-old son – whose name has been withheld – from getting into trouble with the Avon Police Department, said Avon Police Chief Jeff Layman.

Lucido allegedly took the blame for a minor traffic accident that involved his son and three other passengers, Layman said. Lucido was arrested Friday for false reporting to the police and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. His bond was set at $10,000.

Lucido’s son will also face charges. The boy has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to notify police, exceeding the speed limit and careless driving, according to police records.

“This was just a simple accident, which was a cause of inexperience and driving a little too fast,” said Avon police Officer Jonathan Lovins. “It’s a kind of mistake made during the learning experience and I don’t know why it became such a big effort to cover it up.”

No injuries were reported and alcohol was not a factor in the accident, police said.

“(Lucido) said he was driving the car. He tried to cover-up for his kid, who drove the car off a cliff in Mountain Star,” Layman said. “(Lucido) dropped the kids back off at the party and he took the blame for the accident. And he got arrested for it.”

Around midnight, Oct. 3, Lovins responded to a call that a car had driven off the road and down a hill within the gates of the private, upscale Mountain Star neighborhood in Avon.

According to the police report, the black 2003 Audi careened about 200 yards down a steep side of the hill, falling at an angle after hitting the guardrail. The guardrail was damaged and at least one pillar on it was broken, police said. The car stopped on its wheels.

“There was substantial damage to the car,” Layman said. “The driver had two or three other kids with him and he called his dad for help.”

Lucido told the police he was coming back from dropping his son off at a friend’s house when a deer jumped out in front of him, causing him to swerve left off the road and down the hill, according to police records.

“(Steven Lucido) appeared pretty shaken up,” Lovins said. “But showing up and seeing where his car was and that his son drove it down there, I guess he would be pretty shaken up.”

But later, Lucido’s son admitted to the accident, saying that he spotted something – a deer or another large animal – and veered off the side of the road, according to police records.

Lucido’s son had just received his driver’s license, according to police records, and, because of his inexperience and speed, he lost control of the car.

“Lucido told me that he did not know what he was thinking when he told his story,” according to the report taken by police. “He just wanted to protect his son.”

According to the police report, Lucido couldn’t sleep “because of the guilt,” and people calling to see if his son was OK. Lucido and his son went back to the police station a couple of days later and told them what really happened the night of the accident.

Officers said the cover-up set a bad example.

“I think it was a terrible thing for him to do,” Lovins said. “I think it’s a bad example, a terrible example for a father to set for his son.”

Avon police detective Mike Leake agreed.

“If it was my kid,” Leake said, “I’d drag him to the police station by the ear and make him tell the police exactly what happened.”

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