Man accused of threat at Eagle County courthouse |

Man accused of threat at Eagle County courthouse

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –Eagle Police were called to the Eagle County Justice Center April 6 after courthouse workers reported a man had made threatening remarks.

When the officer arrived, she spoke with a collections investigator who reported the incident. The investigator said she was meeting with a man to discuss payment of his court costs and fines when he became agitated. She reported asking the man routine questions about his employment when he related a strange story about seeing an owl kill a pigeon prior to being pulled over by a Colorado State Trooper for a DUI offense. The man reportedly spoke of death omens surrounding him.

The investigator said she tried to ignore his strange statements and asked him about his residence. The man said he was a transient. At that point, the investigator said the man made a comment about how he should have shot everyone in the courtroom so he would not have to pay the fine. She told the Eagle officer that she was very upset by the comment and ended the interview. She told the man he should not make statement like that in a court setting.

The investigator told police the man seemed surprised by her reaction and asked to continue the interview. The investigator refused, escorted the man out of the courthouse and called police.

Courthouse workers said they were upset about the encounter and told the Eagle officer they would pursue criminal charges.

The Eagle officer searched the courthouse area for the man but did not find him. A short time later, an Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy called the officer to say the man was at the probation office.

The Eagle officer caught up with the suspect and he admitted to making some statements he should not have made while at the courthouse earlier. The man then recited the same owl-and-pigeon story related by the court investigator. However he denied making any shooting threats.

The Eagle officer noted the man was nervous and sweating during the interview. He told the officer he did not own a weapon nor did he know where he could find one.

He was issued a summons for menacing and the Eagle Police notified the Colorado State Patrol, Fifth Judicial District Attorney’s Office and Eagle County Court personnel about the incident and citation.

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