Man allegedly tried to light three others on fire |

Man allegedly tried to light three others on fire

ASPEN – A Pitkin County man faces multiple charges of attempted first-degree murder after he allegedly doused three people with paint thinner and tried to light them on fire earlier this month.Along with three attempted first-degree murder counts, Carlos A. Ronay, 36, also faces three charges of second-degree assault. Ronay, who lives near a campground between Carbondale and Redstone where the alleged attack happened, was being held Monday on $125,000 bond.The three men who say they were doused with the flammable fluid told police Ronay rushed out of the darkness in a parking lot near the campground, splashing them and trying to light a cigarette lighter during a violent struggle.”I could have been burned alive,” Adam Bargy told police, according to the warrant.Bargy, whose age and hometown were not available, is charged with third-degree assault because investigators say he agreed to fight Ronay. Another man said he “was blinded and I saw flashes coming at me and I just ran. I ran and ripped off my clothes as fast as a I could.”Ronay was badly beaten. A neighbor called 911 about 20 minutes after the fight and said Ronay was lying on his floor, drifting in and out of consciousness with lacerations on his face.Bargy told police that during the struggle he “immediately went for [Ronay’s] hand to get the lighter and began hitting [Ronay] in the face. [Ronay] went down and I got the lighter away from him. I hit [Ronay] in the face a bunch of times until he stopped fighting back.”Ronay is in the Garfield County Jail because a woman that Ronay allegedly beat up is being held at the Pitkin County jail as part of a separate case.It is that alleged assault, which the sheriff’s office is still investigating, that led to the alleged paint thinner attack on Aug. 5, according to witness statements included in the arrest warrant.Vail, Colorado

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