Man arrested after campsite antics |

Man arrested after campsite antics

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

Some teenagers reported that a man who crashed their campsite threatened to kill them, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

A 19-year-old said he and his friends were camping at Sylvan Lake when a drunken man, 24, destroyed one of their tents and tried to fight two of the teens early morning June 13.

The drunken man went to sleep, so the teens went to sleep in their pickup truck. They later woke up to the drunken man saying he wanted to kill them as he lit his lighter and tried to open the gas cap.

Then the drunken man got into the bed of the pickup truck and refused to get out. The 19-year-old drove to the main campground to find help. A man told him he should go to the ranger station.

As the 19-year-old accelerated out of the campground, the drunken man fell out.

The drunken man told a sheriff’s deputy that he had come to the campground to meet some friends, but they left him.

The drunken man was arrested on suspicion of menacing, first-degree criminal trespassing, criminal mischief and harassment.

A woman was caught driving without a license twice in less than two weeks, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

The woman, 28, was pulled over after she was following another car too closely while driving in Edwards June 5. On June 16, a sheriff’s deputy recognized her and pulled her over in the parking lot of Colorado Mountain College.

Like on June 5, her car’s license plates were expired, she had no insurance and was driving even though her license had been taken away for some kind of alcohol offense.

The woman cried and said she missed the bus, so she had decided to drive to work. She was taken to Eagle County jail.

A driver’s eyes were almost closed and her head bobbed after she was pulled over for going 10 miles per hour below the speed limit and weaving, according to an Avon Police Department report.

The driver, 43, had an alcoholic beverage in a glass in her sport utility vehicle June 13. She started crying and said that her uncle had just died.

“Her eyes were half-shut, as if falling asleep,” an officer wrote in the report.

The driver was taken to the hospital for a test to measure the amount of alcohol in her blood.

Afterward, the officer tried to handcuff her and she resisted, so he “swung her toward a gurney and put her face down” on it to handcuff her.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and a friend picked her up from the Avon Police department.

A driver who was flailing his arms and yelling obscenities at another driver in front of him at the Eagle Post Office caught the attention of an Eagle Police officer, according to the Eagle Police Department.

The officer followed the upset driver, 53, to the City Market parking lot, and questioned him. The driver refused to confirm his name and address and said, “I have nothing to say to you.”

The 53-year-old suspect was ticketed for disorderly conduct. Then he called the officer a couple offensive names.

A woman reported that garter belts meant for a flower girl in her wedding were stolen, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

The woman, 32, ordered two garter belts for almost $60 from an online bride store, but she got concerned when her package didn’t arrive June 16. She also found near her front door a piece of tissue paper that the online store uses as packaging.

The United Parcel Service said it had already delivered the package.

A driver who glued a license plate sticker onto his pickup truck from another vehicle he owned was ticketed, according to an Avon Police Department report.

On June 12, The driver, 39, drove past an officer, who noticed that the pickup truck’s registration had expired last year even though the license plate sticker was for this year.

The man was pulled over and ticketed for having fictitious plates. His pickup was impounded.

A neighbor with a fire extinguisher put out a kitchen fire in a resident’s home, according to the Eagle Police Department.

The resident left a bone he was cooking in a pan on his stove and forgot to turn the burner off when he left the house that evening.

The neighbor saw the flames and came to the rescue. The microwave above the stove was damaged.

The Eagle Valley Enterprise contributed to this report. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 970-748-2931 or

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