Man avoids trouble, then makes trouble in Avon |

Man avoids trouble, then makes trouble in Avon

Dustin Racioppi
Avon, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado ” An Avon, Colorado man cleared one potentially troublesome situation with an angry woman on Feb 4., but he got himself into another one just moments later.

He returned to his apartment that he shares with his girlfriend that night after having a few drinks at a nearby bar. His girlfriend’s 19-year-old friend started spouting off to him how bad a father he is and that he’s always drinking and not taking care of his family properly. The man left and called 911.

Deputies arrived and told the yammering house guest to leave and mind her own business, which she did. Problem solved, right?

The man left, telling deputies that he’d just stay at his friend’s house for the night to be safe. But nearly a half-hour later, deputies were dispatched back to the apartment of his girlfriend, who said the boyfriend returned and beat her up.

He told deputies he came back to grab a few things, but the woman said he punched her in the face, backside and told her to crawl like a dog.

He denied it, of course, but deputies didn’t believe him because he wouldn’t fill out a witness statement and his girlfriend’s shaking and tears hardly seemed fake. He was taken to jail and booked for harassment, domestic violence and failure to pay a restraining order violation fine.

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