Man beaten with rocks, police say |

Man beaten with rocks, police say

Matt Zalaznick

AVON ” A man was beaten with rocks after he tried to stop a man who had just attacked his girlfriend during a body waxing session, Avon police say.

Benjamin Scott Cliver, 26, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of second-degree assault and domestic violence after a pair of altercations at an apartment complex on West Beaver Creek Boulevard, Avon police said.

When police arrived around 11:30 p.m, they say they saw Cliver straddled over Michael Dennis Barry, 46, and “violently striking him in the head” with rocks, says a police report written by Officer Phillip Florio.

Officers ordered Cliver off Barry at gunpoint, the report says.

Barry’s face was bleeding profusely and had a hard time standing, the report says, but was able to tell police that he had tried to stop Cliver from leaving after Cliver had attacked his girlfriend.

Officers found a 30-year-old woman, whose name is being withheld because she is a victim of domestic violence, inside the apartment. Her face was bleeding and there was blood “all over” the floor next to her, the report says.

She said she had not been in a fight but that everyone had had too much too drink, the report says.

A witness told police that a group of people, including the alleged victim, were in the apartment for body waxing sessions when Cliver arrived uninvited and noticeably drunk. As he was getting a bikini wax in a bedroom, he began arguing with his girlfriend. The waxer left the room while the couple argued, the report says.

The waxer said she heard a loud noise in the bedroom and opened the door to find the massage table tipped over and Cliver standing over his girlfriend, the report says.

The woman and Barry were taken to Vail Valley Medical Center for treatment.

Barry told police he did not hit or try to restrain Cliver and that if the attack had continued for “15-20 seconds longer he would have been killed,” the report says.

The only injuries Cliver had were bloody knees from kneeling on the ground when he was beating Barry, the report says.

During the ride to the Eagle County jail, police had to stop and shackle Cliver’s feet to keep him from kicking out the windows of the patrol car, the report says.

At the jail, Cliver told deputies his girlfriend had thrown a wine bottle at his head so he threw her down, the report says. He also said Barry had thrown him down twice so he “beat the crap out of him,” the report says.

Officers did not find a wine bottle or broken glass in the apartment and Cliver’s head was not wounded.

Because he was grabbing onto the cell door, it took two sheriff’s deputies to force Cliver into the jail cell, the report says.

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