Man caught stealing purse, car from Avon |

Man caught stealing purse, car from Avon

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colroado

AVON, Colorado ” A woman’s car was stolen after she left her purse in a coffee shop, according to an Avon Police Department report.

Surveillance video showed the 24-year-old woman setting down her purse, in which she had her car keys, on a bar stool.

She walked away, and a man wearing jeans, white tennis shoes and a gold chain around his neck came in and took the purse to the bathroom.

The man came out without the purse, which was found in a trash can in the bathroom.

Gustavo Araujo Jr., 20, of Avon, who fit the description of the man who stole the woman’s purse, was found near the woman’s car on U.S. Highway 6.

Araujo was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and aggravated motor vehicle theft.

Araujo laughed and said to an Avon police officer, “Alright, is that a felony or what?”

“Yes,” the officer said.

“Whatever,” Araujo replied.

AVON ” An SUV was stolen after a man left his jacket alone in a bar with the keys inside, according to an Avon Police Department report.

The man, 44, took off his bomber jacket and left it on a seat in the bar. When the man realized it was missing, an employee told him someone else had probably taken the jacket by mistake and would return it later.

The man was driven home that night. He came back to the bar the next morning to find that his jacket was still missing and that the SUV, which belong to his boss, was gone from the parking lot.

Surveillance video showed another man wearing the man’s coat in the bar. The man was described as Hispanic, in his mid 20s, with dark hair, sideburns and “dark eyes.”

He was wearing baggy jeans and a T-shirt that said “Fly” in capital letters.

Two days later, the SUV was found in Denver with its back window broken, but the suspect was not found.

EAGLE ” A construction worker knew exactly who stole $1,200 in construction equipment from a job site, according to Eagle police.

The likely thieves were four employees who were fired a month ago, the worker told police.

Another employee saw the men loading up the equipment and gave police a description of the vehicle and a license plate number.

But another man actually tracked down the suspects himself.

That man found the suspects in a home in Edwards with the missing equipment. He gave them a lecture, loaded up the equipment and returned to the job site.

The project manager, pleased that the equipment was returned, declined to

press charges.

EAGLE ” A mother said she saw a flashlight beaming past her daughter’s bedroom window, according to Eagle police.

Two officers searched the area and the adjacent bike path.

They were unable to find a suspect and could not find any footprints.

DOTSERO ” Money was stolen from a woman’s purse when she left her home to visit a neighbor, according to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman went to her neighbors’ home and when she came home 30 minutes later, she found $110 was missing from her purse.

Her roommate had been taking a shower and cutting his hair while the woman was gone. He said he did not take the money.

The roommate said the front door is never locked and lots of people enter and leave the house.

The woman was told to lock her doors and to find a hiding place for her cash.

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